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Ads to give you Halloween shivers – revisited

  Tis’ Halloween, that time of year where kids dressed up as Pokemon and serial killers knock on the doors of grown-ups pretending to be out. Pumpkins line the streets, horror films are endured, and Bev in HR is retelling…

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Working at a media agency amid the pandemic

  Announcing Guerillascope’s third-place ranking in Campaign’s Best Places to Work to a friend recently, I was asked what working for a media agency actually involves, and how the pandemic’s changed things. “Do you have sleeping pods like Google?” “Is…

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Lockdown Diaries #1

Our thoughts are with everybody who has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Together, let’s help minimise its impact by staying at home and lessening the burden on our wonderful health service. So, here we are, a new, ever-developing reality…

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12 Adverts That Will Give you the Creeps This Halloween

Halloween grants advertisers license to push the boundaries of what constitutes ‘comfortable’ viewing. It’s an occasion to revel in the darker side, so without further ado, let’s celebrate (or denounce) twelve adverts that scare, unsettle and mesmerise. Baby Laugh-a-Lot Everything…

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My First Few Weeks Working at Guerillascope

With my year of travelling complete, I was determined to find a job that I could enjoy and look forward to on a Monday morning. Finding Guerillascope online, it seemed like the perfect fit, and I was delighted to be…

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10 Interesting Facts About TV Advertising

Here are ten facts that shine a light on the weird, wonderful and occasionally tragic world of TV advertising; a world you’re not shown on your television screens… 1. Let’s kick off with a cool little fact about ice cubes….

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10 Feel-Good TV Adverts

Honda – The Impossible Dream Ever felt restricted by self-doubt? Limited by fear and uncertainty? With ‘The Impossible Dream’, Honda had a mission: compel viewers to pursue their dreams. Be brave, and don’t accept defeat. Emerging from his caravan with…

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8 Great Ads To Inspire on International Women’s Day

Science suggests that women have higher average IQs than men, greater sensory awareness and better immune systems. Pain thresholds, multitasking and memory spans? We don’t need controlled experiments to conclude that males typically come out second best on all three. In…

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10 Romantic TV Adverts for Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, which means you’re either charming your loved one with chocolates, flowers and cards, ruefully dismissing it as a nonsense day conceived by brands to shift units of chocolates, flowers and cards, or fumbling through the space in…

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