Lead Forensics

Lockdown Diaries #1

by Stuart Bryan

30 March 2020

Our thoughts are with everybody who has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Together, let’s help minimise its impact by staying at home and lessening the burden on our wonderful health service.

So, here we are, a new, ever-developing reality upon us: one containing more arguments with cats and video conversations with the bottom of your mum’s chin.

Two weeks ago the Guerillascope team started following government advice by working from home. Armed with laptop, Slack and VPN access, the first challenge was to ensure I quickly mastered the art of conducting Zoom conference calls with both the mic and camera turned on.

Then there was the small matter of deciding which part of the house was best for working. This is an ongoing brainteaser. So far, it’s any room that the cat isn’t in; but then there are further decisions to be made: coffee table or lap? Beanbag or sofa? Sometimes, I just walk and work, the living room my oyster.

During this period of social distancing it’s also important to exercise. Yet, with only one activity a day permitted, getting the timing right is crucial.

Obviously, being in Britain we’ve had glorious spring weather ever since the lockdown was announced. So, craving a vitamin D fix, I decided to go for a lunchtime run in my local park.

The problem was, 90% of my town had the same idea. With the 2-metre rule in place, what was supposed to be a short jog turned into an hour-long odyssey more akin to a level of Super Mario. Perhaps sprints up and down the back garden are a way forward.

Then of course, there’s the food situation. Now, I’ve never been what you would call a soup enthusiast. But suddenly it’s the elixir of life; a gift from the gods that fills you with fresh resolve. Eggs? No such luck. I searched the streets for half an hour the other night – funny how you immediately start craving an omelette as soon as there’s a shortage of the main ingredient.

Ultimately, as the days blur onward it’s clear that this is an unprecedented situation for all of us. You may be worried for yourself or those close to you. You may also feel a little lonely.

It’s therefore imperative that we use all the technology at our fingertips to stay connected and support one another. In amongst the FaceTimes with friends and family members telling you to sort your hair out, the Guerillascope team is staying sane with weekly video yoga sessions, Monday morning team meetings and fun activities on Friday afternoons.

We’re working hard to ensure our clients’ are able to make the most informed marketing decisions, and taking pictures of our pets in adorable poses once in a while too, of course. But perhaps most importantly, we’re staying positive and helping each other through these strange times.

See you very soon!

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