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By Lucy McCulley, Media Assistant.

My First Few Weeks Working at Guerillascope

With my year of travelling complete, I was determined to find a job that I could enjoy and look forward to on a Monday morning. Finding Guerillascope online, it seemed like the perfect fit, and I was delighted to be…

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We Need to Talk About Capitalism and Climate Change

Climate change has finally risen to the top of the national news agenda. This is long overdue; but it also sharpens the focus on an awkward question: is a Capitalist society conducive to the long-term health of our planet? This…

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Why We Must Always Challenge Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom is to innovation what rain is to a barbecue. It nullifies creativity and distrusts new ideas. It’s built on old beliefs that may not be as relevant as they once were. It constructs stereotypes that, in turn, invite…

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A Happy Knack for Offering Something Different

Any agency will tell you that who they are and what they do makes them different to others. In Guerillascope’s case, it’s all about happiness. Human-first culture As you may already know, Guerillascope was recently voted the second-best place to…

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International Women’s Day: The Gender Equality Struggle Continues

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements, courage and independence of women all across the world. We should be proud of the progress made over the last 100 years. Yet it’s also a timely reminder that progress…

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What Consumers Want From Your Brand

Caught between the desire to align with businesses that stand for values they believe in and the need for convenience and affordability, consumers often stick with what they know. In other words, they head over to established ‘titan’ brands like…

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Brexit: What Happens Now?

The most pressing concern is the increased possibility of a no-deal Brexit. But we’re not ones for doom-mongery. Parliament – and perhaps ultimately, the UK public – has the power to ensure this does not happen. MPs must act with…

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5 Media Myths it’s Time to Shelve

Work in marketing? Then you’ll be all too familiar with the often bewildering task of separating fact from myth when it comes to making the right decisions for your brand… To make things easier for you, we’ve wrung every last…

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Having No Long-Term Advertising Strategy Sells Brands Short

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are in overdrive. Trying to find a space for themselves in ultra-competitive markets, the digitisation of every aspect of our lives has created both new opportunities, and new pressures. Concurrently, consumers are becoming increasingly…

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Christmas: Tis the Season to be On Air

We need to talk about Christmas. Yes, you’ve already heard every Christmas song at least three times, burst a blood vessel lugging that 7ft tree back home, and resigned yourself to the fact that Margaret in the accounts team is…

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