Lead Forensics


by Stuart Bryan

Lockdown Diaries #1

Our thoughts are with everybody who has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Together, let’s help minimise its impact by staying at home and lessening the burden on our wonderful health service. A new, ever-developing reality is upon us: one…

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Global Recycling Day: 5 Ways we can all be Less Wasteful

With the population rising, humanity uses more natural resources than ever before – and very soon these resources will run out. This is why it is more important than ever to think about what we consume, how we consume it,…

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Feminism and Advertising: How do we Avoid the Pitfalls?

In the ‘woke’ obsessed world of 2020, where words like ‘you’re cancelled’ are on the tip of everyone’s tongues, a brand is as much about what it stands for as what it does. Getting behind a cause is now a…

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Words are Power: Why we Need to Talk More

We spend eight hours a day with our colleagues; for many of us, that’s more time than we get with family and friends. And yet, though admirable strides have been made in destigmatising conversation around mental health, lots of people…

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Looking Back on 2019… and Ahead to 2020

In a year dominated by Brexit and yet another General Election, it’s safe to say that 2019 will stick long in the memory. This is especially true for Guerillascope, but for very different reasons. To begin with, we’ve welcomed some…

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World Mental Health Day: Progress and Challenges

According to the NHS, one in four people in the UK will experience a problem with their mental health this year. That’s an alarming figure, made all the more so by the fact it doesn’t even account for people who…

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My First Few Weeks Working at Guerillascope

With my year of travelling complete, I was determined to find a job that I could enjoy and look forward to on a Monday morning. Finding Guerillascope online, it seemed like the perfect fit, and I was delighted to be…

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We Need to Talk About Capitalism and Climate Change

Climate change has finally risen to the top of the national news agenda. This is long overdue; but it also sharpens the focus on an awkward question: is a Capitalist society conducive to the long-term health of our planet? This…

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Why We Must Always Challenge Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom is to innovation what rain is to a barbecue. It nullifies creativity and distrusts new ideas. It’s built on old beliefs that may not be as relevant as they once were. It constructs stereotypes that, in turn, invite…

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A Happy Knack for Offering Something Different

Any agency will tell you that who they are and what they do makes them different to others. In Guerillascope’s case, it’s all about happiness. Human-first culture As you may already know, Guerillascope was recently voted the second-best place to…

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