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by Stuart Bryan, Content Manager.

An ode to the Paralympic Games

  Witnessing human beings push themselves to the outer limits of physical and mental endurance in the pursuit of greatness is an inspiring, often transformative moment. But for those of us living with what from most angles would be defined…

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Ofcom Media Nations report: key takeaways

  The way adults in the UK engage with media has been changing over the past eighteen months – a shift largely fuelled by the seismic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on lifestyles and attitudes. Charting the precise coordinates of…

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CFlight: the new tool TV advertisers have been crying out for

  Sky, Channel 4 and ITV have joined forces with Thinkbox to launch CFlight, a new campaign measurement tool that will enable advertisers to chart the impact of their linear TV and BVOD activity under one unified advertising metric. Here’s…

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How to turn a small business into a big hit

  Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. They sit at the heart of every community, bringing growth, wealth and innovation to local areas across the country – many even scale up to disrupt and transform national markets. The…

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5 ways to boost your mental health

  The past year has brought great loss and uncertainty for many people throughout the world. As if being confronted by an unprecedented global pandemic wasn’t enough of a strain, bereavement, redundancies and isolation have conspired to leave a trail…

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5 Little Green Steps we can all take

  Today is Earth Day, a global movement that seeks to raise awareness of the impact pollution and environmental damage are having on our planet’s health. The good news is that, though we find ourselves celebrating this year’s event from…

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Connected TV: An all-in-one ad solution?

  In 2014 just 11% of UK households owned a Connected TV. Today, 57% of homes now have access to one, with 26% of total time spent online now taking place on a CTV. Yet, while Connected TV usage has increased…

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Cinema: can we expect a full recovery?

  As the pandemic began, all over the world countries retreated into lockdown – forcing consumers and audiences to spend more and more time at home. Naturally this resulted in a significant uplift in the consumption of most at-home media:…

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How to engage stakeholders when it comes to sustainability

  It’s 2021, which means if your business doesn’t have at least one eye on its sustainability targets then it really should. Public perception over the looming climate crisis is shifting. Awareness is growing, concern is rising, and pressure is…

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6 lessons Guerillascope will take away from 2020

  It’s been a year to forget in so many ways, yet sprinkled amongst the debris are shards of hope and positivity that point to a brighter future. Upon the backdrop of this most testing of periods it’s imperative that…

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