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36 million UK adults tune in to commercial radio every week.

10 reasons why brands opt for radio advertising…

Radio plays an important part in the lives of millions of people throughout the UK, keeping them company as they drive to work, do the dishes and tinker in the shed. Advertising on commercial radio lets you talk directly to them.


of your media budget to radio can boost online brand browsing by 52%.

36 million UK adults tune in to commercial radio every week, with the average person listening to 20.8 hours of live radio in that period.

Want an immediate sales boost? There’s nothing better than radio, with 58% of all response occurring in the first 24 hours after exposure.

Radio is a highly effective way of broadening and reinforcing the impact of a TV advertising campaign. What’s more, 16% of time spent listening to the radio is accompanied by online activity.

With over 360 digital stations available, radio presents a great opportunity to target niche tastes, local communities and varied age groups.

Radio advertisers can also leverage different times of the day and days of the week to maximise the impact of specific brand messages.

After TV, radio is the most effective medium for creating brand fame. In fact, campaigns that include radio amplify brand recognition by over 30%. That jingle is crying out for an audience!

Like TV, radio campaigns can be turned around and aired at very short notice. And with production costs comparatively low, it’s the perfect medium for activation campaigns.

Radio is one of the most profitable media channels in the short-term, delivering £1.61 in profit ROI for every £1 spent.

Apportioning 10% of your media budget to radio can boost online brand browsing by 52%.

While not strictly radio, podcasts are an audio medium that can deliver great results. In fact, according to Acast, 76% of listeners have acted on an advertisement heard during a show.

Stats sourced from Radiocentre and Acast.

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