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My First Few Weeks Working at Guerillascope

By Lucy McCulley, Media Assistant.

12 August 2019

With my year of travelling complete, I was determined to find a job that I could enjoy and look forward to on a Monday morning. Finding Guerillascope online, it seemed like the perfect fit, and I was delighted to be offered an interview.

The big day arrived. After a few subtle breathing exercises, I entered the meeting room, got through it (mostly) unscathed, and went home feeling good. A few days later, I had a job! Cue the bubbly.

First day nerves?

Upon entering the office on my first day, the nerves and worries that a new environment inevitably brings were soon eased by a warm welcome and cup of tea. Turns out, the team was just as excited for me to be there as I was!

After the weekly team meeting, where everybody introduced themselves, I was receiving one-on-one training from my new colleagues. This allowed me to quickly grasp how the company works as a whole.

I soon discovered that there is no such thing as a ‘regular’ day at Guerillascope; whether it be visits from industry experts, breakfast meetings or client catch-ups, there is always something going on in the office.

Above all, though, what struck me the most during my first few days of working at Guerillascope was the way you are encouraged to be confident in working independently and proactively.

No question is too silly. On the contrary, being inquisitive is appreciated, and greeted with openness and support. Showing a willingness to break through the barriers of your comfort zone is also essential, though there is always a fellow Guerilla there to help when you need it.

Getting to know my new colleagues

Within my first few weeks I had already had the chance to attend networking breakfasts, a team bowling event and a radio tour. However, the massage during wellness week was most definitely a personal highlight!

Yet, although it would be easy to think it’s all fun and games here, underlying this is all the hard work and determination of each individual team member.

What makes Guerillascope so special is that its staff all have their own unique skill sets that join together as one harmonious unit. The love for the industry is fundamental to the company, and being surrounded by a collaborative group of talented individuals who love what they do is what makes Guerillascope such an inspiring and unique environment to work in.

Looking ahead to the future

Working at Guerillascope really makes you feel that the sky is the limit, and I cannot wait to seize all the fantastic opportunities that this new chapter has to bring.

In what I’ve lost in self-control when it comes to coffee consumption, I have definitely gained in new skills and friends. I hope to continue to advance within my role and become a fundamental part of Guerillascope’s continued growth and success.

Despite my travels feeling like a distant memory in amongst all the busyness of media life, Monday mornings have never been easier!

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