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Out-of-home advertising

Increase brand consideration by up to 72%.

Why out-of-home advertising? Here are 10 reasons…

Out-of-home advertising gives brands the opportunity to reach and engage people on the move. It showcases key marketing messages in locations traversed by mass audiences often difficult to reach via other media. It invites extended interaction through contextually relevant, non-intrusive content as people commute, shop and socialise.


of UK shoppers see at least one out-of-home advertisement inside 30-minutes of hitting the shelves.

Digital out-of-home advertising campaigns can be booked by the day or even the hour.

With 75% of the UK population now smartphone users, mobile technology has transformed digital out-of-home into a point-of-sale medium that offers exceptional coverage.

In fact, out-of-home advertising reaches 98% of the adult population each and every week!

The average person spends 3 hours 10 minutes outdoors every day. This is 25% longer compared to a decade ago.

83% of UK shoppers see at least one outdoor advertisement inside 30-minutes of hitting the shelves.

Outdoor advertising works effectively with other medias to maximise reach and reinforce marketing messages. With TV, outdoor can be leveraged to reach lighter television viewers – typically younger adults and those in full-time employment.

On average, outdoor campaigns increase the likelihood of brand consideration by 72% and market share by 30%.

Additionally, out-of-home advertising drives a 47% uplift in sales activation.

Digital out-of-home is great for targeting specific audiences. Want to reach high-earning city workers on their lunch break, advertise your brand of sun tan lotion on hot days only, or reach one postcode area only? No problem.

Out-of-home advertising cannot be skipped or blocked.

Figures sourced from Outsmart, Clear Channel and the IPA.

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