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by Mitchell Cocker

Cinema: can we expect a full recovery?

  As the pandemic began, all over the world countries retreated into lockdown – forcing consumers and audiences to spend more and more time at home. Naturally this resulted in a significant uplift in the consumption of most at-home media:…

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New normal, new business: analysing our own TV campaign

  Back in May 2020, Guerillascope found itself in a position shared by many companies: faced with a global pandemic and nationwide lockdown, business had stalled. Unwavering in our belief that the best way to deal with a crisis is…

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6 lessons Guerillascope will take away from 2020

  It’s been a year to forget in so many ways, yet sprinkled amongst the debris are shards of hope and positivity that point to a brighter future. Upon the backdrop of this most testing of periods it’s imperative that…

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3 things your business can do to hit the ground running in 2021

  We’ll wager that, like us, you’re glad to see the back of 2020. Sure, you’ve managed to stay upright amid what has felt like a nine-month spin-dry. And yes, you’ve proven to yourself that no matter the challenge, you’re…

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Mind your language: why we need a new narrative in advertising

  How has the COVID-19 crisis changed the way humans think about the world, and what can we as advertisers and agencies do to remain effective in a shifting landscape? This was the area of focus as Geoffrey Beattie, psychology…

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A Christmas like no other: what does it mean for brands?

  This Christmas will be like no other in living memory – but that hasn’t dimmed our enthusiasm for the UK’s favourite holiday. Here, we look at the opportunities available to brands over the festive season. Spirits are resiliently high…

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Will the Future of Advertising be Localised?

  From FMCG to fintech, travel to toys: sectors across the board have been left counting the cost of COVID-19. And, though the reopening of shops and borders has reduced some of the most damaging initial effects of lockdown, many…

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Q&A With Paula Miquelis and Stephanie Dickson, Founders of the Conscious Festival

  Green is the New Black, a lifestyle and media platform that seeks to inspire people to live more consciously, is running the UK’s inaugural Conscious Festival from June 12-14. Crammed full of workshops and webinars with some of the…

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How Ancient Chinese Medicine can Improve Mental Health at Home

The emergence of COVID-19 has led to massive change and uncertainty in our lives, which in turn bring about new challenges when it comes to our mental health. In the past decade we have all become familiar with the term…

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The 10-Point Checklist for new TV Advertisers

  TV advertising fuels brand growth like no other media; it offers a route to both national fame and regional prominence, enabling business to deploy highly targeted strategies that raise awareness and drive response. With viewing figures currently soaring and…

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