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By Dilar Karadag

A Day at Guerillascope

  I’ve been at Guerillascope for just over a year now, and, as cliche as it may sound, I’ve learned that no two days at a media planning agency are ever quite the same. But our content manager has asked…

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Living Room the Place to be When it Comes to Ad Recall

  The TV landscape is ever-evolving; yet one thing remains the same: when it comes to our ability to recall advertisements, what’s seen in the living room stays in the living room. That’s according to a new study by Tapestry…

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Why TV Remains a Big Draw for Small Budgets

  When Guerillascope set up shop back in 2001, TV advertising was seen as the thing big brands with hefty budgets did. Fast-forward 22 years, and the picture is quite different. By demonstrating how individual TV spots could drive response…

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6 Ways to Maximise Your Digital Potential

  Let’s face it: every brand and its office dog is plowing the digital fields these days. It’s the done thing in 2023; get some catchy assets drawn up, feed them into an ad server, and watch the clicks come…

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Unpicking the Media Nations Report 2023

  The latest Media Nations report from Ofcom has landed – and it makes for essential reading if you’re an advertiser or media planning agency. Here’s our rundown of all the key findings. TV viewing declines, but BVOD helps broadcasters…

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Has Cinema Finally Shaken off its COVID Headache?

Barbenheimer has taken the world by storm. Indeed, it’s been impossible over the past few weeks to go online or walk down the street without coming across explosions of hot pink or a fedora. A timely show of strength Hollywood…

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Why Brands Need to be in the Moment

  New research conducted by The Guardian has found that a litany of crises have led people to retreat from the world and seek happiness in life’s little moments. With the pandemic, war in Ukraine, cost of living crisis, climate…

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Research Reveals the Key to Profit Growth

  A new report from Newsworks has underlined the importance of trust in advertising and the vital role news brands play in strengthening ad effectiveness. The study, based on analysis of the IPA Databank by Peter Field, found that advertising…

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Cost of living and mental health: How should your brand respond?

  If you’ve been keeping on top of the latest economic forecasts for 2023 – and we really don’t blame you if you haven’t – then you’ll know that the current consensus is essentially thus: take 2022, rinse, and repeat….

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Guerillascope’s Annual Review 2022

  Well, 2022 certainly kicked off. It’s been a challenging twelve months for the industry, with no agency immune to the pressures foisted upon us by the cost-of-living crisis, political turmoil and war in Ukraine. We are, of course, fortunate…

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