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Online advertising

There are 3.8 billion potential customers online.

Why advertise online?

Online advertising offers brands a raft of opportunities to reach specific audience demographics with precision and efficiency.


of UK adults say they look up a brand on the web with their smartphone, laptop or tablet either during, or just after a TV ad airs.

A great companion for other media

Online banner advertisements, pre-roll video and retargeting strategies work effectively alongside other media, such as TV and outdoor, in engaging incremental audiences, boosting response and elevating brand visibility amid saturated market places.

Your brand’s safety comes first

We place brand safety at the top of our priority list. Guerillascope’s targeted and flexible planning is not simply left to machines and algorithms; instead, our ethos is underlined by an insistence on working closely with our trusted partners, clients and media owners to build trust, deliver transparency and ensure accountability. No misplaced ads, no blanket bombing of impressions, and no misuse of your budget.

A world of digital possibilities

So, whether you’re interested in static or rich media display ads, pre-roll videos, promotional content for social media or the designing of a new website and brand image, our team of digital marketing buffs provides a level of expertise that makes your budget work harder.

Let’s make online advertising work better for you

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