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The time for talking a good game is over. We must turn words into action now if we’re to protect all life on Earth from runaway climate change.

An industry response

As part of our strategy to become a net zero business, we’ve joined forces with other UK media agencies that, together, form the IPA Climate Charter. This collaboration represents a real step forward in the UK advertising industry’s response to the climate emergency.

As a member, we regularly share insights, experiences and resources with our cohorts to accelerate the change needed. This knowledge base covers everything from the codes around greenwashing and environmental claims, to media planning and campaign messaging.



Helping brands tread lighter

Concerned about the environmental impact of your marketing investment? We now have access to a multi-channel Media Carbon Calculator that facilitates low-carbon media planning.

The calculator acts as an indicative guide for measuring carbon emissions produced by the end-delivery of a media plan. With it, we can explore ways of reducing the footprint left behind by your campaign strategy.

Our goal is to ensure going greener doesn’t compromise campaign effectiveness. We’ll work with you to identify possible carbon reduction opportunities that still align with your objectives. What’s more, our sustainability team can also support you in finding projects to offset any remaining emissions. We’ll even contribute financially to the schemes you choose.

The Media Carbon Calculator is a complimentary, optional tool. We know advertising is fundamental to business success, and we appreciate that you may be implementing your own internal policies to reduce carbon emissions. Whilst we encourage all of our clients to engage with every resource available, the decision is completely yours.

Guerillascope consistently go above and beyond. They fully immerse themselves in our objectives, whilst continually offering flexibility, quick turnarounds and ongoing campaign insights. They work with us to identify what’s gone well, and what hasn’t. But most importantly, I think it’s their friendly attitude – they have a media agency blueprint at Guerillascope that I think is hard to replicate. They are 100% part of our success. James Keehan, Director of Acquisition Marketing, Protect Your Bubble

Brands expected to rise to climate change threat

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