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Why advertise on TV?

TV advertising is the most effective tool available to businesses pursuing greater market share, brand awareness and sales revenue. It allows brands to reach mass audiences and target specific viewing groups in a trusted environment that remains a fixture in our daily routines. Here are 10 reasons brands choose TV advertising.


The average cost of one person in the UK seeing your TV advertisement once.

The average viewer watches 2 hours 17 minutes of commercial TV a day and 43 advertisements at normal speed – 3 more than ten years ago.

Commercial TV also reaches 83.6% of 16-34 year-olds each week, and represents 81% of all daily video advertising time for this age group.

Whereas Pay Per Click advertising could now cost you over £30.00 for one click, TV advertising can deliver a cost per lead of as little as £1.50.

TV advertising also drives a higher ROI than any other media, generating £1.73 for every £1 spent in the short-term and £4.20 longer-term. This equates to 71% and 62% of total ad-generated profit.

51% of all marketing-focused conversation can be attributed to TV advertising. It’s also the medium most likely to make brands famous, according to 66% of the UK population.

Brands that utilise TV advertising as part of a marketing campaign experience an average 69% uplift in online conversions.

74% of UK adults browse the internet via other devices when watching the telly, with ad recall generally unaffected. No wonder online businesses are the biggest TV spenders!

TV indirectly contributes to 33% of media-driven response from paid search, 26% from display advertising, 20% from affiliate referrals and 33% from Facebook. As for direct bricks & mortar sales? Try 45%!

TV advertising is by far and away the most trusted medium, with 42% of UK respondents placing it top of the list. Newspapers are next with 13%.

TV activity can be optimised by weekday, day-part, hour, channel, programme and postcode to minimise your Cost Per Lead, Sale and Response.

*All statistics sourced from Thinkbox and BARB.

Video on Demand

Broadcaster video-on-demand (BVOD) lets advertisers reach typically lighter, younger TV viewers anywhere and at any time. Platforms such as ITV Hub, Sky Go, All 4 and My 5 provide safe environments and a range of creative formats for brands to express themselves. And with high quality television content at your disposal, you’re guaranteed a captive audience.

TV Sponsorship

Want to boost brand recall and share of mind? TV sponsorship is an impactful platform for boosting frequency. This makes it perfect for reinforcing a marketing message, or repositioning a brand. It creates prestige, trust and fame, whilst allowing brands to forge associations with popular programming, TV channels, genres and segments.

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