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Why ITVX may be a game-changer for TV

22 June 2022


It’s long been suggested that streamable content represents the future of TV viewing – so it should come as no real surprise that ITV has just made an announcement that will accelerate the resurfacing of the landscape.

ITVX, the broadcaster’s new free streaming platform, is to be unveiled later this year, and with it a raft of upcoming flagship shows will find a first home. Billed as a “reimagining of the existing ITVHub,” its pending launch constitutes a resetting of priorities for ITV.

The new home of premieres 

While Channel 3 on the EPG has traditionally been the arena for ITV debuts, this is all set to change with ITVX, where an assortment of quality dramas will be available to view exclusively for at least six months before they’re aired on live TV.

Such upcoming shows will include A Spy Among Friends, Without Sin and Litvinenko; and they will be joined by other new flagship series on their first day of broadcast – among them Stonehouse and Unforgotten.

Completing the line-up will be over 250 films and more than 200 of ITV’s most popular series, as well as 150 hours + of true crime content, a full dossier of documentaries, and a galaxy of sci-fi & fantasy.

The future of TV streaming

 Another noteworthy detail within ITV’s announcement is that ITVX will be available both as a free, ad-funded service, and on an ad-free subscription. This insertion of choice could prove to be a decisive moment in the future of TV advertising, paving the way for the likes of Netflix, Disney+ and Prime to enter the market with their own tiered offerings – the latter is already dipping a tentative toe with Freevee, née IMDB TV.

We have previously shared our thoughts on why, instead of signalling the death knell of television, streaming platforms will play a key role in its evolution.

It’s likely that, with viewing behaviours among younger generations shifting, and the desire to keep a tight rein on outgoings strengthening – especially upon the backdrop of inflation and a current cost of living crisis – SVOD platforms will ultimately bend to public will if they want to avoid plateauing.

ITV seemingly recognises the newfound importance of providing choice. It’s read the leaves and decided to mix things up after nearly 70 years of operating on an ad-funded model. And it’s not alone. With the launch of CFlight earlier this year, it’s clear there is also a growing recognition across the industry that TV advertising as it used to be no longer reflects modern audiences.

Others will surely demonstrate the same transformative appetite, if they want to avoid being left behind by a world that will continue changing with or without them.

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