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Working From Home: 3 Ways to Improve Mood and Productivity

by Lucy McCulley

08 April 2020

As flexible and dynamic working have become popular in recent years, it’s likely many people have worked from home before. However, operating in this way for a sustained period of time is a whole new world for the majority of people.

To help you with adapting to this new normal, we have put together our top tips on maximising productivity when working from home.

Develop a routine

While there are many factors beyond your personal control now, you can exert some control and familiarity by sticking to a routine. Get up, get showered, and try and keep as much of your routine the same.

At the same time, don’t be too rigid and hard on yourself if you loosen these rituals slightly. Try not to over-schedule yourself, and include breaks to practice mindfulness and meditation. Think of it as a ‘summer schedule’, which may be somewhat more relaxed than your typical routine.

Create a working environment

Not everyone has a home office at the ready– and those who have are unlikely to be used to spending weeks in it. If you are new to setting up a home office, it’s important not to be too enticed by the seemingly attractive option of sitting on your bed all day. Try and set up somewhere with lots of natural light; it’s easy to forget how much a little vitamin D from sunlight can affect our health and overall mood.

Many of us share our home with family members, housemates or partners who will also be unexpectedly in the same position as us. Instead of coming to logger heads over the wi-fi, set up a co-working style environment where you can motivate and support one another.

Ultimately, it’s about creating a space that you feel comfortable and productive in; don’t feel crazy for trying a new seat every day, or hoarding plants to make life that little bit cheerier.

Make communication a priority

If you are used to working in an office, it can be difficult to adapt to a new situation where having a conversation is not as easy as popping over to someone’s desk. Communicate as often as you can, through a range of different mediums.

Instead of writing an email, try setting up a video meeting; human interaction not only is more efficient when resolving issues, but helps to combat the isolation and loneliness that many of us might be feeling right now.

To improve our spirits, the Guerillascope team have been sticking to our usual weekly yoga class, as well as catching up on zoom over a drink and quiz on Fridays.

So, whether it’s smashing that online workout or simply taking a moment to appreciate that warm cup of coffee in your hands, finding out what keeps you sane during this period is the most important thing. We are all unique and have an opportunity to make our individual strengths benefit our work lives – and at the very least, we will all come out of this as pros at working from home.

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