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Vegan Friendly challenges viewers in latest TV campaign

10 March 2022


Vegan Friendly, the international charity that aims to end animal cruelty and climate change, has challenged UK viewers to ‘make the connection’ with the launch of a new TV advertising campaign.

The 30-second creative will feature across Channel 4, Sky Max and Sky Cinema over the coming weeks as part of the non-profit’s mission to highlight the hypocrisy of self-proclaimed animal lovers who still eat meat.

Produced by Hotwolf, the commercial centres in on a group of friends as they lament wet markets, bullfighting and plastic in the ocean – all while tucking into hearty meat dishes. Utilising uncomfortably close-up camera shots and interwoven clips of animals being slaughtered for consumption, the cognitive dissonance reaches a crescendo as one character opines: “can’t we treat all living things the same, please?” The ad ends with all three friends looking down at their food with disgust, as they make the connection.

The new ad follows on from another provocative campaign launched last year, which featured a live lamb being passed to a horrified couple over a butcher’s counter. It generated numerous complaints, but also received praise for its unflinching approach.

As well as saving animals from the slaughter, veganism is associated with reductions in deforestation, soil degradation and carbon emissions – all of which affect global food supply. Its benefits don’t stop there, however, with the preservation of habitats, stabilisation of oceans and the promotion of healthier lifestyles all further reasons to reduce meat consumption.

Commenting on the campaign, Tom Bursnall, founder and chief executive of plant-based food brand Miami Burger and an associate of Vegan Friendly UK, said: “The advert will be unforgivably distressing viewing for some. If it’s not good enough for ours eyes, then should it be good enough for our mouths? We humans find comfort in thinking we care for other living beings weaker than ourselves whilst doing the exact opposite in purchasing and consuming innocent animals. This clip seeks to highlight that inconsistency and plant a seed of internal enquiry and self-reflection among some viewers.”

Learn more – and make the connection – by visiting Vegan Friendly today.

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