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Vegan Friendly launches provocative first TV campaign in UK

21 January 2021


Guerillascope is delighted to announce the launch of a new TV advertising campaign by Vegan Friendly, the international non-profit organisation that aims to end animal cruelty and slow climate change by promoting plant-based food alternatives.

The campaign is poised to air on the Channel 4 network, Sky News, Sky Atlantic and further linear channels throughout its run, supplemented further with VOD placements on All 4 as part of a strategy to maximise the number of viewers reached.

Produced by Diboor, the 30-second commercial challenges viewers to re-evaluate their relationship with meat and connect with the animals it comes from. It follows a young couple approaching a supermarket counter in search of “extra fresh” lamb; to their shock and horror, the butcher takes their request literally, bringing out a live lamb that scores highly on the adorable scale.

Having already caused a stir in Israel, this provocative approach was conceived by Vegan Friendly as a means of inviting UK audiences to really consider the impact our eating habits have on millions of animals throughout the world.

Often condemned to terrible conditions, the livestock we eat isn’t just organic matter for our sustenance: they’re living, feeling products of an agricultural system that, according to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation, accounts for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, the scale of the problem is crystallised in the fact that animals bred for food outnumber all the world’s wildlife by 15-1.

Commenting on the campaign, Noga Bronsky, General Manager of Vegan Friendly UK, said: “We are so proud and excited to air our TV advert in the UK. We are sure it will create a huge impact and help many people make the connection and switch to a plant-based diet.”

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