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Nextbase Returns with New TV Sponsorship Campaign

07 January 2019

Nextbase, the UK’s leading retailer of in-car dash-cams, is the new sponsor of daytime on National Geographic.

Negotiated by Guerillascope, the three-month package grants the company exclusive access to over 900 hours of content between 8am and 6pm every day; equating to 2,400 sponsorship credits each month. Supplementing the TV sponsorship will be a combination of MPUs and Leaderboards on the Nat Geo website. Nextbase has enjoyed previous success in this field, having sponsored Driving Entertainment on Dave in 2017. The campaign resulted in 39% of UK adults being reached 23 times on average.

Awarded multiple Which? Best Buys for dash-cams in 2017, the Nextbase range provides assurance for any budget. Equipped with GPS positioning, collision detection and Wi-Fi for quick data transfers, Nextbase dash cams not only save customers time and money; they guarantee peace of mind, security and conclusive proof of culpability.

The new creatives – produced by Nat Geo’s in-house team – centre around a car and crew on a fictional TV set. Unified by an overarching marketing angle that showcases the Nextbase dash-cam’s ability to capture everything, we discover that this is great news for the director who’s fretting over a lost scene, but not so advantageous for the runner who accidently shunts a trolley into the vehicle’s bumper!

Commenting on the sponsorship package, Bryn Brooker, head of marketing at Nextbase, said: “TV sponsorship has worked extremely well for us in the past, so signing off on this new deal was an easy decision. I’m thrilled with the package negotiated by Guerillascope, delighted with the idents produced by Nat Geo, and excited by the anticipated business effects of linking our brand with one of Britain’s most popular digital TV channels.”

The campaign is just the latest TV sponsorship package planned and brokered by the Guerillascope team, with Sigma Sports – buoyed by its previous Spring Classics alignment – set to sponsor the Giro d’Italia on Eurosport in May, and Teletext Holidays poised for a one-month daytime takeover of Turner Classic Movies. Last year also saw Watchfinder become the official partner of Tour de France coverage on ITV4; a move that ultimately drove the pre-owned luxury watch specialist’s best ever month for web visits.

TV sponsorship is a great way to align your brand with content loved by your target audience. It cultivates credibility, prestige and awareness, forging positive associations contextualized by creatives that piggyback on the genre, programme, channel or day-parts your company is sponsoring. To learn more about the packages available to you, why not get in touch?

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