Lead Forensics

A Week at a Media Agency

By Alexa Buckler, Brand Director at Guerillascope.

06 March 2019

We’ve recently received a lot of questions about what it’s like being at a media agency voted the second best place to work in the advertising industry. What does a regular week look like? What do we love most about the job?

Well, a ‘regular week’ is actually pretty hard to come by. In fact, I’d say the thing I love most about my job is the fact that every day and week offers something new; be it faces, perspectives, experiences or challenges.

Of course, some things are pretty regular: the communal dash for the Nespresso machine on a Monday morning; our content manager’s grumpiness up until the consumption of second Nespresso capsule. We’ll also usually kick off the week with a team meeting, where we share the latest media news and insights, and look ahead to what’s on in the next five days. There’s often a quick-fire media quiz to awaken the senses, too.

By Tuesday I’m in full brand director mode: at this point, I’ve had a chance to forensically assess the latest cross-media performance data from my clients’ campaigns, discuss possible refinements and any new opportunities with them, and contacted media owners to action changes. Time is often of the essence, so I work quickly to ensure we can capitalise fully. I always have willing colleagues to help me if the workload’s looking a little large, as well as our reliable agency partners and the amazing graduates who often join us for a week‘s paid work experience.

Throughout the week we’ll have a lot of meetings with clients, leads, media owners and tech firms. I love this aspect of the job as there’s always something new to learn. Often, I’ll also take my brands out for lunch around the vibrant Exmouth market; we’re pretty darn lucky to have a host of great pubs and restaurants within a stone’s throw of the office! On days where there are no lunch meetings, I’ll most likely try and summon my inner zen with a yoga session.

As you may have guessed, emails and phone calls take up a large chunk of my week. We always find the time to have our managers meetings however, where we’ll discuss all things Guerilla HQ: are we hitting our company targets? If not, why? Are we effectively living and breathing our brand vision? What can we do to further improve our service? Do we need more Nespresso capsules?

Sometimes there will be an awards show, research event or a conference to work into my week. They are an excuse to go out and meet new people, represent the Guerilla brand and have the odd glass of prosecco. Team-building is also important; this year, we went to the glorious Chamonix for a couple of days skiing – working on a laptop in sub-zero conditions up a mountain was one of those challenges you’re more than happy to accept! There may be a birthday to celebrate, too: this invariably means finding a ropey version of ‘Happy Birthday’, swarming round the birthday boy or gal, and waiting patiently as they awkwardly work the circle giving everyone a hug.

Come Friday, we’re all ready to celebrate another great week with an end of the day drink at Bar Guerilla – media life isn’t half bad…

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