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Will the Future of Advertising be Localised?

20 August 2020


From FMCG to fintech, travel to toys: sectors across the board have been left counting the cost of COVID-19. And, though the reopening of shops and borders has reduced some of the most damaging initial effects of lockdown, many brands are still feeling the strain.

By now you’ve likely read an article somewhere proclaiming the merits of investing in your brand during a crisis. The foundations of this argument are strong – we’ve written a blog post about it, in fact.

Yet, we understand that for many companies, it’s not so simple.  The impact on demand, supply chains and staff wages means businesses have had to try and build fresh momentum with one arm tied behind their back.

The good news, however, is that you don’t need a multi-million pound nationwide campaign to change your fortunes. With different parts of the UK being affected by the pandemic to differing degrees, various advertisers are turning to localised strategies as a means of becoming a valued part of communities and cutting through to the people most likely to engage with their brand.

Let’s take a look at a few media channels driving this shift…


Though TV advertising remains a preferred choice for businesses seeking nationwide visibility, its capabilities as an addressable medium are constantly evolving.

Take Sky Adsmart, for example. Using information provided by Sky subscribers, Adsmart facilitates the targeting of ads relevant to specific households, interests and lifestyles. If Jane in Fife already has a package that includes kids channels and broadband, then her household would not receive ads for broadband services, but children’s products could be served. Having supplied her post-code, Jane would also receive more TV ads promoting local services. This capability covers thousands of homes across the UK.

The sheer granularity of Adsmart’s local targeting options makes it an increasingly popular option for advertisers seeking to engage specific communities or audiences. And with the likes of ITV and Channel 4 also offering larger regional possibilities, there has never been such an array of options available to businesses that need to focus their resources.


Out-of-home’s had a tough time of it over the past few months, but with lockdown measures being eased the market is recovering quickly.

Like other media channels, outdoor has undergone a digital transformation over the past few of years, and this newfound agility has changed the game for advertisers looking for a little more efficiency and control.

Building on out-of-home’s ability to reach people on the move with eye-catching displays, DOOH means advertisers can now run outdoor ads in specific locations, on specific days and at specific times. Are you a local business trying to sell barbecues in the heat of summer? Thanks to advances in technology you can now target your town and surrounding areas with ads served only on days that exceed 20°C.

Cool, right?


Like TV and out-of-home, radio’s reputation traditionally centres on its prowess as a facilitator of national reach. Yet, also like TV and out-of-home, it’s a media channel that’s been transformed by digital.

Radio advertisers can now serve ads to a network of over 250 commercial stations, with a mix of national, regional and local opportunities tailored to various interest groups. Bringing your company to a new city, town or region? Want to remind your community that you’re open for business? Radio could be for you.

With podcasts and smart speakers also widening the scope and influence of audio ads, advertisers now have access to a multifaceted suite of targeting options over the airwaves.

Local, yet connected

A successful marketing strategy is only successful when its moving parts work in harmony. So, while TV, out-of-home and radio all perform effectively on a regional or local scale, their true impact is felt when coordinated with one another and that nirvana of addressability: the Internet.

That means a dynamic mix of creative assets that work in tandem across all channels to generate and maintain awareness; contextually relevant, brand safe digital placements that keep you in mind along the path to purchase; and PPC ads that help ensure you’re found online.

Guerillascope can devise a strategy that widens your customer pool, drives engagement and converts interest into sales. All without costing you the earth. So give us a call today, or get in touch here.

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