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A happy knack for offering something a little different

Any agency will tell you that who they are and what they do makes them different to others. In Guerillascope’s case, it’s all about happiness.

10 April 2019

Any agency will tell you that who they are and what they do makes them different to others. In Guerillascope’s case, it’s all about happiness.

Human-first culture

As you may already know, Guerillascope was recently voted the second-best place to work in the UK ad industry by Campaign. I’m sure you can imagine our delight at this recognition, so I won’t linger too much on it; indeed, the key point here is that while other agencies measure success on profit margins or pitch win rates, our metric is staff happiness.

As a full-service agency that thrives on developing close client partnerships, we need a motivated team that is inquisitive, flexible and assertive. Our employees often have to think on their feet whilst also strategically planning ahead; this melding of the proactive and reactive requires a collaborative, open mindset and a can-do attitude, which, together, drive campaign performance. If our staff are enjoying their jobs, our clients are invariably happy.

David Sharman, Commercial Director at Newmarket Holidays, highlights the ease of working with a fulfilled team as a major boost for his brand: “Guerillascope’s personable approach to both their employees and clients has resulted in a high level of staff retention – a massive USP having experienced the opposite with other agencies. They work hard, are trustworthy and most importantly, care about our business. It is a pleasure to work with people I can count on to go above and beyond for Newmarket.”

Tech second only to people

Yet, whilst our people are Guerillascope’s biggest asset, they also need the right tools to express their qualities. As David says, “In Guerillascope’s case, smaller means nimbler; while the investment in cutting-edge tech and expert associates adds further value to our business. They really do have a refreshing approach to client and agency partnerships.”

This approach has recently seen us take the controls of a new industry-first Insights tool with our exclusive digital partner, Fifty. It collates the information people use to build their online identities – passions, interests, beliefs, friends, networks, behaviour, time and place – to create audience profiles based on a brand’s social following. From this we can develop bespoke, data-driven targeting segments centred on a web of interconnectivity.

These segments enable us to plan laser-targeted marketing strategies. Then, with the campaign in full flow, we plug each of its media strands into Google’s Data Studio technology. This provides a 360-degree view of its performance, allowing us to identify even the smallest areas of improvement to ensure every penny of a budget is accounted for.

Our new insight tool and use of bespoke Google Data Studio dashboards are just two examples of how our progressive culture continues to drive better results. To find out more, why not get in touch?

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