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Westminster Group stresses safety first with new TV ad

24 June 2020


Guerillascope are pleased to reveal the new TV campaign from Westminster Group in support of the company’s specialist range of coronavirus protection products.

The 30-second spot, produced by Hotwolf, will air across the likes of Sky News, Eurosport, Dave and Discovery throughout its month-long duration.

From fever detection, sterilization systems and protective equipment, to logistics and training, Westminster Group is helping businesses across the UK return to work safely and as quickly as possible.

Commenting on the campaign, Hamish Russell, Westminster Group’s GM, said: “I think we are very strong at talking to our extensive client base throughout the world; this campaign will give us the opportunity to expand our engagement and operations closer to home, here in the UK, supporting businesses returning to work with our extensive product portfolio.

“We are delighted with Guerillascope and the professional way the ad was brought together in a short space of time. It is a bold step in terms of marketing outreach, but one we think will be very successful.”

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