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Vintage Cash Cow Launches First TV Advertising Campaign

22 October 2019

Vintage Cash Cow, the online marketplace where customers can buy and sell vintage goods, has tasked Guerillascope with the development and execution of a new TV advertising campaign.

The regionalised strategy encompasses airtime on Channel 4 North, ITV’s Yorkshire and Granada regions, and ITV4 across October and November. The 30-second creative was developed by Space City Productions.

Led by experts in everything from gold and silver to old toys, Vintage Cash Cow is a one-stop-shop for both antique collectors and people who simply want to make a bit cash. With thousands of items accepted, there’s a unique deal to be found in every nook and cranny of VintageCashCow.co.uk. Good news, with Christmas edging ever closer.

Commenting on the campaign, Eponine Wright, brand director at Guerillascope, said: “We have high hopes that the success of this regional test will result in a widening of its scope . The brand is open to ideas and truly believes in the power of television to efficiently drive growth and response; armed with our cutting-edge optimisation tools, we are very confident that its commitment will be validated.”

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