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5 Reasons Why BVOD is Worth the Investment

14 November 2018

We’ve had a few clients tell us that Broadcaster Video-on-Demand (BVOD) is not a viable option for them because of costs.

We understand this; yet at the same time, it’s important to acknowledge that whilst the Cost Per Thousand (CPT) is typically higher than other options, this reflects its value to advertisers. Simply put: you get what you pay for.

In our informed opinion, the following five qualities are well worth the added investment:


A majority of TV viewing is still of the linear, live-schedule variety, but it’s no secret that its grip has slightly loosened. Savvy brands are therefore realising that BVOD is increasingly important to maximising the effectiveness of a TV advertising strategy.

BVOD used in conjunction with linear TV has been proven to boost brand affinity by 22%, perceptions of quality by 32%, purchase consideration by 15% and talkability by 36%. At a time when media consumers are embracing the full spectrum of technologies and platforms developed to fit snuggly inside busy lives, limiting your company to the live schedule could mean missing out on a bounty of added business effects.


Unlike YouTube and social media, BVOD commands high levels of ad engagement. There are no comments sections or sidebars baying for your attention; no funny memes jostling for space in and around your creative. In fact, BVOD offers view-through rates of 92%; and what’s more, with 63% of broadcast video-on-demand watched in the living room on a TV set, the chances are your great advert will get the big screen treatment in front of a gripped, emotional audience.

Just 3% of BVOD is watched out of the house; so, you can put to one side fears of seeing your brand take a back seat on the distraction-heavy bus journey home.


People with an interest in turning you away from TV will tell you that young people don’t watch it anymore. Discounting the fact that live television still accounts for 33.1% of the average 16-34-year-old’s media day, this inaccurate conjecture ignores another one: that BVOD is TV; and younger audiences love BVOD.

Want to reach young, upmarket audiences? The good news is that 46% of BVOD viewers are aged 16-34, while 61% fall into the ABC1 category. Male viewers? Have another tick.

Of course, if your business is aiming to attract older customers then it may be that live TV dominates your budget allocation; but for harder to reach audiences, a combination of linear and BVOD will deliver the all-encompassing coverage you crave. And with the likes of Sky Advance offering holistic campaign reach across every connected screen, it’s truly a case of TV being everywhere.


We’ve all read the horror stories about brand ads appearing before or within inappropriate video content on YouTube. We also know that online video has a viewability problem, with the average Facebook video ad garnering just 3.5 seconds of a user’s time before it’s scrolled past. If that wasn’t enough, fraudulent bot traffic has potentially cost businesses thousands.

Accurate placement, accountability and viewability are all accounted for with BVOD. Premium content that viewers love offers a brand safe environment; a bot-free ecosystem maintained by regular audits ensures that ads are actually being played out; and the roll-out of BARB’s Project Dovetail means that multiple-screen viewing figures are now here (BVOD campaign performance reports are close.) Broadcasters can also provide detailed delivery and performance reports of your ad activity.


Last but not least, we arrive at quality. Not just the quality of bingeable programming, but the ad formats and targeting available to advertisers. Harnessing first-party data willingly provided by users themselves, broadcasters can pinpoint your adverts at highly specific audience interests, genres and demographics. Your ads can then be delivered in interactive, hyper-personalised formats that increase engagement and establish them as a valuable part of the viewing experience.

Influenced by premium content and broadcaster reputations, viewers ultimately regard BVOD ads as being of a higher quality than, say, YouTube ads. They’re accepted as part of a ‘value exchange’; as demonstrated by the exceptionally high view-through rates previously discussed.

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