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How Out of Home Advertising Fuels Other Media

Out of home advertising packs a punch. It has the capacity to make brands famous, establishing businesses as household names with hard-hitting, contextually-relevant and hyper-targeted placements.

26 July 2019

Something that perhaps isn’t touched open so often is how much of a team player OOH advertising is. Here, we look at the ways outdoor ads complement and drive the performance of other medias.


Social media and out of home advertising were made for one another. Just ask Led By Donkeys. Having deployed a batch of 48-sheet static billboard advertisements with our outdoor partner, the activist group’s social profile began to balloon.

Fuelled by interest from a smartphone-wielding, photo-loving UK public, the group has attracted nearly 260,000 followers on Twitter, 16,000 on Instagram and 63,000 follows on Facebook. Individual posts containing pictures and videos of the billboards have attracted upwards of 20,000 and even 30,000 likes.

The campaign also received a high level of follow-on coverage in the mainstream press. The likes of the BBC, Guardian, The Sun, Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The New European, Huffington Post and Belfast Telegraph have all featured the sites in their reporting.

If you have a great outdoor creative, the social buzz will follow.


Synergy in motion. That’s radio and outdoor advertising. Imagine the scene: you’re driving home, listening to your favourite commercial radio station. The ad break comes on and you’re at the mercy of an ear-worm. That jingle has stuck. Then, your eye catches an unmissable digital billboard on the side of the road. It’s the same brand… what means of witchery is this?

Thanks to huge advances in the planning capabilities of digital out of home advertising campaigns, advertisers can now position their ads to display at specific sights and times. With some careful scheduling, a brand can deliver a one-two punch that leaves drivers up and down the country floored by the sheer ingenuity of it all.


Out of home advertising engages typically lighter TV viewers while they’re on the move. Train stations, Tube carriages, shopping centres, residential areas and bus routes all fall into the purview of OOH, consequently allowing brands to connect with hard-to-reach customers as they go about their daily business.

Young, urban adults are a particularly evasive species for TV advertisers, due primarily to their more relaxed attitude towards the live schedule. The good news is that they can easily be found out and about enjoying everything the city has to offer. Supplementing television spots with tactical, show-stopping outdoor adverts is a great way to maximise exposure in front of this audience.


Digital OOH is certainly making headlines with press advertisers. Aided by the newfound flexibility in creating outdoor campaigns, print ads can now be modified quickly and effectively to deliver a seamless strategy across paper and screen. 

Property brands, for example, can now advertise in a mid-week property supplement whilst concurrently displaying on digitally integrated screens across areas falling within the distribution zone. Outdoor ads can even be targeted by hour and day-of-the-week to ensure wastage is minimised and cut-through maximised.

 To learn more about the effectiveness of outdoor advertising as part of a wider media strategy, contact our experts for a chat.

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