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Our Evolution into a Full-Service Media Agency

14 January 2019

According to the IPA, the average UK adult is now consuming 7 hours 56 minutes of media a day, with a multitude of channels vying for our attention at any given time.

This presents a challenge to both brands and agencies, with many companies struggling to get themselves noticed amid the clutter of a smartphone-toting, screen-floating age.

This is the consideration that has driven Guerillascope’s evolution from a TV planning specialist into a full-service, one-stop-shop. One focused on identifying media combinations that enable us to take the most efficient route to reaching – and exceeding – your targets. We believe it’s the responsibility of a media agency to explore every single opportunity for its clients.

Casting the net further

We still think TV advertising is the bee’s knees, of course. Why wouldn’t we? It makes brands famous, drives response and cultivates trust. Furthermore, television grants businesses big and small the capacity to test, learn and refine on a national, regional and even addressable level, facilitating the flexibility to grow on their own terms.

Yet we also know that TV delivers even better results when integrated with other medias. Bringing online display, pre-roll video or social media marketing into a carefully coordinated strategy proves extremely effective in extending the brand message and capturing incremental audiences, for example.

Likewise, outdoor advertising not only engages potential customers as they’re on the move; much like TV, it drives people online, granting advertisers the opportunity to further their brand messages and develop deeper connections with consumers. The same can be said of press and radio advertising, each of which offer the capability to target specific audience groups with niche-interest stations and titles whilst dovetailing seamlessly with the online ecosphere. Every newsbrand has a website, and every radio station a digital presence.

Research, plan, and optimise

Our job begins with research on your sector, competitors and the behaviours of your target audience. Next, we map the customer purchase journey, and implement cross-media strategies designed to position your brand prominently at key touchpoints. As the results start coming in, we then look to optimise the allocation of your budget to ensure that every penny is delivering full value-for-money.

Ultimately, every brand is different – that’s why we love what we do. We’ve excelled over the years in delivering bespoke television strategies optimised to reach key demographics with the maximum level of cost-efficiency; and now we’ve extended this uniquely flexible way of working to all other medias.

Whichever media options you choose to include in your plan, our team buys late in the market to obtain the best deals for our clients, and develops creative solutions that can be seamlessly deployed across the media spectrum. What’s more, we channel the expertise of a close network of likeminded media partners to ensure that, when it comes to results, we’re leaving no stone unturned in our efforts to maximise the effectiveness of our service.

We invite you to explore our full-service, one-stop shop in greater detail, and discover the full range of possibilities available to your brand.

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