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Introducing MoreScope, the New Press Advertising Specialist

04 January 2019

Guerillascope is delighted to announce the unveiling of new press advertising specialist, MoreScope.

Established by Sales Director, Sarah Chappell, in partnership with founder and CEO, David Yorath, the in-house agency’s goal is to give brands more scope across paper and screen. Led by Chappell’s extensive experience in the press advertising sphere, the team will work closely with clients and newsbrands to capitalise on the abundant cross-platform opportunities available to advertisers in the digital age.

Guided by its three core principles of flexibility, accountability and reliability, MoreScope will leverage its close ties with the biggest media owners in the industry to elevate brand awareness, drive sales and supercharge the effectiveness of wider campaign strategies.

Indeed, with newsbrands reaching 24.9 million UK adults every day, and print advertising revenue rising for the first time since 2010 in the quarter one of 2018, the stage is set for MoreScope to help brands realise the medium’s full potential.

As trust in tech companies continues to wane in the face of various controversies, the importance of brand safety has seen advertisers flock to newspapers and their digital variants. The figures back this up: 91% of British adults claim to consume content produced by a UK newsbrand each month, while 75% of British adults engage digitally. According to NewsWorks, digital also drives a 38% increase to newsbrands’ print readership.

MoreScope wants to put its clients on the front page, exploiting the capacity newsbrands have for driving performance in other medias such as TV, social media and out-of-home. Channelling Guerillascope’s expertise in these areas, we believe MoreScope will add another dimension to strategies optimised to reach specific target audiences.

Commenting on the launch, Chappell said: “I’m delighted to have the opportunity to lead MoreScope in addition to my role at Guerillascope. I believe this is the logical next step towards becoming a genuine full-service agency that can cater for the needs of ambitious brands across the media landscape; and feel the specialist expertise of the MoreScope team will ably support Guerillascope’s talent in other areas. To businesses and media owners, I say watch this space.”

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