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Achieving Clarity Through Mindful Media Planning

14 January 2019

The 21st century has thrown up a blend of distinctly modern stresses and distractions. The old concerns: family, work, relationships and money –  they all remain. Yet, in a digitalised age of social media, fake news and geo-political upheaval, angst is an all too familiar millstone carried by people of all ages and backgrounds.

Intent on finding a safe space that doesn’t create more problems than it solves, ‘mindfulness’ has become a key tool for scores of us navigating life’s curveballs. And what can work for individuals, can also be channeled by brands in their media planning.

The art of focusing on less to achieve more

The concept of mindfulness is built upon a desire to reduce life down to its essence. It asks proponents to sand away the fluff, the distractions, the ultimately inconsequential concerns, and focus our energy on the here and now to achieve a moment of complete clarity.

Meditation teaches us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, our connection with the world around us, and the role of our feelings. It trains us to overcome the mind itself and gain a deeper understand of our relationship with the world, often by focusing on a natural process such as our own breathing.

We’re not selling a meditation app here, of course, so what does any of the above have to do with advertising your business?

Brand liberation

Well, much like the concerns individuals have within a society where little currently seems certain, businesses big and small are grappling with the aftermath of a year that has turned everything on its side.

A slowing economy, inflation, concerns over productivity, unknown future trade conditions and anticipated falls in consumer spending are some of the reasons why UK businesses are stalling in the wake of Brexit jitters. Yet, life must go on. And, with a calm and focused head, businesses can indeed flourish during such times, as others flounder in hesitancy.

The most successful brands are collections of people, values and goals focused down to a clear vision and purpose. With this vision and purpose underpinning everything else, data can be harnessed to deliver the insights that pinpoint the core customer base and right marketing strategy. The trick is to approach how you process this data in the right way.

Much like the role meditation plays in helping an individual free their mind and gain a clearer picture, concentrating on the data gleaned from an accountable media strategy allows brands to hone in on what’s working well, and identify areas that can be improved.

And, like meditation, building the perfect media strategy is an ongoing process. It requires an openness to new ideas and an underlying determination to keep improving; the rewards of which can be hugely liberating.

Delivering moments of clarity

The team of media planning experts here at Guerillascope has perfected a media planning service that focuses on the ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘why’ and ‘where’.

What does your brand stand for?

Who will it appeal to?

Why are you launching a campaign?

Where will your budget deliver the best results?

By concentrating on each of these questions, we’re able to build a fully-realised picture of your brand, its objectives and the best strategy for engaging your target audience. We then gather the data gleaned from our ongoing analysis, process it to establish clear insights, and leverage it to refine the performance of your strategy. The moment of clarity? A clear return on investment.

We don’t burden ourselves with unnecessary red tape, we don’t answer to shareholders or their financial interests, and we don’t concern ourselves with what others in the industry are doing. We plough our own furrow, so that we can deliver the incisive cross-media campaigns that make our clients happy.

And the best thing of all? Our full-service one-stop-shop eliminates the stress and hassle for you!

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