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METUPUK launches first breast cancer awareness push onto TV

26 October 2022


METUPUK is a Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) patient advocacy group, who are working to improve the lives of those living with MBC and ultimately working towards the day when it is cured.

MBC, also known as ‘secondary, advanced or stage 4 breast cancer’, is a cancer that starts in the breast tissue and spreads to other parts of the body. METUPUK teamed up with Guerillascope to support their first ever TV advertisement for ‘The Darker Side of Pink’ campaign, airing on Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day (October 13th) with the goal of raising awareness of this type of breast cancer.

The 30 second ad, created by Break Creative Partners and voiced by Maxine Peake, refers to the disease as a ‘true crime’ which is responsible for the deaths of 31 women every single day. The ad had the impactful premiere METUPUK were looking for, airing in a first-in-break spot across ITV Ulster and Scotland during a primetime episode of Emmerdale. During the episode, character Faith Dingle took her own life due to the struggles of living with secondary breast cancer.

Commenting on the campaign, Jo Taylor, founder of METUPUK said, “it’s appalling we only have one day in the whole of Breast Cancer Awareness month dedicated to awareness of MBC.  We needed to get the message out to the public and last year we had success launching our Darker Side of Pink campaign with our exhibition which is still touring the UK with additional press articles, tv and radio interviews.  This year we felt those messages and the Darker Pink campaign would be supported well with a TV advertisement for impact and we were lucky to have Maxine use her powerful voice to support us.  Those living with MBC know that every day is MBC Awareness Day.”

Visit metupuk.org.uk today to learn more about how the charity is improving outcomes for those living with MBC.

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