We Advertise on TV

We Advertise On TV

Back in October 2012 Guerillascope did something unprecedented in the UK TV advertising industry: we began running a continuous television campaign. Driven by an ambition to expand and evolve, we realised that, without TV, we lacked the scale, accountability and efficiency required to achieve our goals.

So how has it worked out for us? Driven by our TV campaign, 2016 welcomed 53 new TV advertisers to the Guerillascope family – over one every week – which, compared to the 21 TV newcomers in 2012, represents a whopping expansion of 70% since the onset of our TV advertising activity.

In total, our targeted TV advertising campaign has reached over 60% of the UK population to date. The 96 clients we ran TV campaigns for in 2016 mark us out as the UK's largest TV agency by number of clients. Since January 2013, the number of businesses Guerillascope has advertised on TV is unmatched.
The indisputable power of TV advertising as both a direct response mechanism and cultivator of brand recognition last year led us to significantly reduce our Pay Per Click marketing budget; a move driven by the increasing costliness of clicks, which may now set online marketers back by upwards of £30.00 depending on the level of competition. We believe there is far greater value in TV, which is why, with a larger budget than ever before, we’ve followed our own advice.

To learn more about Guerillascope’s targeted TV advertising service, or to begin planning your own television campaign, call our TV experts today on 0800 088 6789. Alternatively, why not complete our short and painless TV planning form?