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TV Sponsorship

TV sponsorship offers a fantastic promotional opportunity for both established brands and those looking to launch in competitive markets. To learn more about the TV sponsorship packages available to you, why not call us on 0800 088 6789, or complete our quick and painless TV planning form.

Types of TV Sponsorship

TV sponsorship can be used in a variety of ways depending on your objectives. It may be that you wish to reach an audience that typically watches television during particular times of the day; one interested in a particular type of programming; or a channel that caters for niche viewer interests. With more options available to advertisers than ever before, a brand can now sponsor day-parts, programming genres, entire channels or a programme series.

If you’re unsure about the right TV sponsorship strategy for your business, then fear not: Guerillascope can provide you with a free analysis report that allows us to identify the right approach for you.

Why TV Sponsorship?

  • TV sponsorship can be combined effectively with TV spot activity to create a campaign that delivers optimal levels of both reach and frequency.
  • TV sponsorship can be hugely effective in providing a platform for the high profile launch of a product or service, reinforcing a marketing message, or repositioning a brand.
  • TV sponsorship can create levels of brand prestige, trust, credibility and fame that have the capacity to propel considerable business growth and increases in market share.
  • By forging an association with a particular show or genre of programming, brands can connect with certain emotions and themes that increase brand recall and share of mind.
  • A TV sponsorship campaign is not confined to the TV set; if a viewer watches a show via on demand or DTR platforms, your brand will still have its moment in the spotlight, with additional opportunities such as web page takeovers also available for added coverage.
  • TV sponsorship packages are varied; brands can sponsor a show for a short or longer period of time, confine activity to specific regions or go national; and place their brand in smaller rated shows or hugely popular programmes.

Key Considerations

  • Be aware that TV sponsorship is a branding exercise; a creative must not include a call-to-action or any advertising messages.
  • Think carefully about the link between your brand and the content you wish to sponsor; successful TV sponsorship creatives effectively establish a common theme, feel or set of values with the programme they’re placed within.
  • Determine the objectives of your sponsorship campaign. Is the aim to acquire instant brand fame, reposition a product, distinguish your brand within a cluttered marketplace, or enhance its credibility? Who are you targeting?