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TV Advertising Costs

We know TV advertising costs are a key factor when deciding whether the medium is right for you. That’s why the Guerillascope team is fine-tuned to minimise risk and maximise the value-for-money you receive. Want to find out more? Get in touch via the form below.

Test, learn and scale

The costs of advertising on TV are no longer prohibitive to all but the big multinationals. Agile challenger brands across all sectors are now channelling the medium's ability to flexibly drive sales, create prestige and cultivate brand fame at low rates.

With new targeting capabilities and advanced optimisation tools now available, businesses can test, learn and scale up without committing entire budgets up front. In fact, our nimble approach means we can book your TV airtime up to three days before the launch of your campaign, and turn around changes to your strategy within just a couple of days!

Guerillascope lets you trial specific geographical regions, times of day, TV stations and ad creatives to gradually build a strategy that drives your brand forward, and lowers your TV advertising costs.

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