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Guerillascope’s Favourite Lockdown Ads

By Caitlin Lewis

21 May 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep across the globe, with no end in sight. However the spirit of solidarity towards the elderly and vulnerable, and gratitude toward the hardworking NHS workers has united people all across the country.

This feeling is not just evident within communities; many brands have also shown great innovation, wit and kindness when responding to the crisis. Here are some of Guerillascope’s favourite ad concepts to come out of lockdown so far…

Luke O’Reilly –  ‘Stay at Home”

Guinness Stay at Home

Created by freelance copywriter Luke O’Reilly for One Minute Briefs, this striking digital ad masterfully says all that needs to be said; it respectfully and clearly enforces the important message to stay at home while making viewers crave their favourite pint.

Guinness have been ahead of the game in creating witty yet hard-hitting ads for many years; the fact this creative looks like a natural fit within that back catalogue is perhaps the biggest compliment you can pay Mr O’Reilly.

Netflix – Spoilers Billboards

Governments across the globe have stressed one very clear message – stay at home. Despite this, lockdown is taking its toll, and some people had started breaking quarantine to socialise. German ad student partnership Brave teamed up to tackle this problem. Their thinking was simple: if a life-threatening virus isn’t enough of a deterrent to stop people going outside, then let’s use something even more terrifying- Netflix spoilers.

Billboards with spoilers from Netflix favourites like Love is Blind, Narcos and Stranger Things were used to discourage socialising and encourage staying in and catching up on some quality TV! The ads were so innovative that many people thought the initiative was by Netflix themselves.

Disclaimer: We know you’re safe at home, so we’ve spared you the spoiler.

Nationwide: Message to my Future Self

These heartfelt ads by Nationwide emphasise the human in the face of this crisis. Watching people across the nation whose lives have been put on pause because of lockdown gives a clear message: we are not alone. This will pass. In a time when many are feeling isolated, this sweet campaign reminds us we are in this together.

SafeWorld19 – Everything Will be Okay in the end

OOhyes SafeWorld19

This out-of-home campaign poignantly encapsulates the power of positivity amid difficult times. Showing in cities across the UK, the SafeWorld19 campaign from outdoor specialist OOhyes seeks to spread reassurance with a famous quote from John Lennon. The creative was approved personally by Yoko Ono, which definitely adds further cool points to a campaign that demonstrates the power of advertising as a force for good.

SafeWorld19 is an initiative that aims to connect the public with charities supporting the UK’s frontline workers.

Wrigley’s – Keep Your Distance



Wrigleys Keep Your Distance

Student Ellie Hubble submitted this witty creative in response to a One Minute Briefs Twitter campaign looking for brand innovation in the face of the crisis. And it speaks volumes. Using humour to communicate an important message is a tried-and-trusted winner when it comes to cutting through the noise – what better deterrent than garlic breath to keep a two-metre distance?

Women’s Aid Federation of England

For many of us who are missing the pub, lockdown is a real nuisance. However, for huge numbers of families across the UK, the real threat is not on public transport but inside their homes. Women’s Aid Federation presents this powerful and important piece that gives a tour of London’s deserted streets in order to highlight that domestic abusers are confined to their homes too. The little respite their victims had is now gone. This chilling ad shows that often pictures speak louder than words.

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