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Guerillascope’s 2018: A Year of Growing Brands

We’ve worked with some amazing brands and people over the past twelve months; and could publish a lengthy dossier on the great year we’ve had. But it’s the start of January. You have a lot to do. So, here’s a whistle-stop tour of our 2018, and our thoughts on the one ahead.

04 January 2019

A key goal for 2018 was to build on last year’s expansion into a full-service advertising agency. The Guerillascope team embraced this challenge and thrived, growing brands such as Amigo Loans, Watchfinder and Teletext Holidays with tactical campaigns spanning across TV and sponsorship, digital, radio, out-of-home and press advertising. We welcomed 40 new brands into the Guerillascope family along the way, and managed the campaigns of 85 clients in total.

Yet to fulfil this heightened ambition, we needed to invest in our team. Two new Media Assistants, Diana Garrido Cortes and Caitlin Lewis, joined our ranks in 2018, along with Sarah Chappell, who brought her extensive experience and standing within travel marketing to her new role as Sales Director. With out-of-home guru, George Rossides, and creative maestro, Oliver Durkin, also proving pivotal to the growth of brands such as Protect Your Bubble and Lycamobile in 2018, we feel confident that, entering 2019, we have the team in place to deliver even more.

2018 also saw our Managing Director, Katy Sharpe, recognised as one of Media Week’s 30 Under Thirty. Having just guided Guerillascope through its best ever year, Katy personifies the strong leadership that lies at the heart of our culture and success. In 2019 she will assume a role on the inaugural AdWeek New Gen Advisory Board, consisting of twelve rising stars within media. We look forward to seeing her ideas inspire people across the industry.

Keeping the lens on this year, we believe brands will be more important than ever. With Brexit set to dominate the political and economic climate, consumer confidence will be determined by trust, quality and creativity. It is therefore imperative that businesses invest in their brand to raise awareness, promote their value and express assurance amid the uncertainty. We strongly believe that those bold enough to grasp this opportunity will benefit in both the short and long-term.

We’ll be following our beliefs: and stand ready to pour our energy into helping likeminded companies grow. With brand-building mediums like TV, outdoor and radio as crucial as ever, we predict that the ongoing evolution of programmatic and mobile will enable advertisers to engage people with a level of cross-platform fluidity and inventiveness that ensures they become a valued and reassuring part of people’s lives.

So, let’s grab 2019 by the horns – we’re just a phone call or email away if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

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