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Guerillascope recertified as a Carbon Neutral business

09 June 2021


We’re delighted to announce that Guerillascope has had its verification as a carbon neutral business reaccredited.

Assessed for the period between May 2019 and April 2020, we have decided to offset our carbon emissions by supporting reforestation in Kenya. Additionally, for every tree planted, a tonne of carbon will also be sequestered in the Brazilian Amazon.

The ongoing project, based in the Great Rift Valley, has so far been responsible for the planting of over 180,000 trees since its inception. This progress has in turn encouraged an explosion in biodiversity across the site, with new habitats created for an abundance of native species, including various bird species, chameleons and many butterfly species, dik diks, antelopes, red forest duikers, hares and elands.

Beyond its impact on wildlife, the Great Rift Valley project is transforming the lives of local communities. It has given hundreds of members a steady source of income, negating the need to make treacherous journeys stretching hundreds of kilometres to sell firewood for a pittance. It’s allowed their children to attend school, and their families to access the health care that we so easily take for granted.

We know that this alone is not enough. Carbon offsetting has a place within the battle to halt climate change’s worst effects, but it must not be treated as a silver bullet or shortcut: the overarching ambition has to centre on drastically reducing our use of carbon.

It is but one plank within a wider sustainability strategy we are committed to pursuing over the coming months and years – one that will require a lot of hard work and difficult questions as we move beyond being a carbon neutral business and toward becoming Net Zero.

In order to drive the change our planet desperately needs, collaboration between businesses, governments, activist movements and individuals will be key.

So, if you’re embarking on your own sustainability strategy, we would love to hear how you’re getting on! Together, we can make a difference.

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