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Guerillascope joins the IPA Climate Charter

08 June 2022


We’re delighted to announce that Guerillascope has become an official member of the IPA Climate Charter.

Founded by the IPA Media Futures Group as a collaborative industry-wide response to the challenges posed by climate change, the Charter provides media agencies and clients with tools and resources to support their transition to a zero-carbon future.

Collectively, we can drive change

The urgency couldn’t be more acute, with the recent IPCC report warning that global temperatures will rise above 3C by as soon as 2100 unless policy and action are drastically strengthened now. Carbon emissions must peak by 2025 if we are to limit warming to 1.5C and avert catastrophe. To develop a picture of what the world would look like under a 3C rise, watch this video by the Economist.

Brands and media agencies have an important part to play in steering humanity and the species we share this planet with toward safer waters. The influence we wield in terms of purchasing behaviours and social responsibility cannot be overstated; and while we cannot eradicate the burning of carbon on our own, collectively our voice can be deafening.

Carbon calculator for media planning

As part of the IPA Climate Charter, we now have access to a carbon calculator that enables our planning and buying team to work with clients on reducing emissions produced in the end delivery of campaign strategies. Serving as an indicative guide, the tool measures the environmental impact of different media channels; through it, we can suggest clear action points to brand partners concerned by the possible environmental ramifications of their investments. The Charter’s longer-term ambition is to incorporate the full emissions lifecycle of a campaign into the equation.

Besides the calculator, our membership also grants access to a plethora of resources that provide guidance on business operations, creative development, ad production and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles through campaign messaging.

Our pledge

We’ve committed to offsetting all carbon emissions generated by the end delivery of booked TV airtime – our core business – over the past year; this annual pledge will gradually be broadened to encompass all media. And that’s not all – we’re celebrating the announcement of our Climate Charter membership with an additional commitment to offset emissions that stem from Guerillascope’s TV bookings over the next quarter.

While we recognise that offsetting is no silver bullet, we believe this constitutes a positive step forward as part of a wider sustainability and social responsibility strategy that includes minimising net emissions across all business operations. Close collaboration with clients and industry partners will be key to our progress.

Commenting on the Charter, Katy Sharpe, Managing Director at Guerillascope, said: “it’s heartening to see such a cross-industry response to the climate change crisis. The energy and leadership on display is an example to everyone who works in media – there is no more time to waste.

“The tools available through our new membership will support both Guerillascope and our brand partners in driving positive change. We’re excited to work with clients in reducing carbon emissions from media strategies; our aim is to establish this capability as a core feature of the work we do. Consumers want to see this, brands want to see this, and our staff want to see this. While there is much more work to do, I am proud that Guerillascope is participating in this vital initiative.”

Contact our team to learn more about how we can support your transition to a greener future with low-emission advertising strategies.

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