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5 Reasons Why Press Advertising Should Be in Your Media Mix

04 January 2019


Digitisation is everywhere. Smart phones are getting smarter and half our waking day is spent looking at one screen or another. Against this backdrop, print media has the arduous task of staying relevant. In January of next year, even the UK Yellow Pages will stop printing directories to become an entirely online-only business.

Within our own online bubbles it might appear as though the days of flicking through glossy-covered magazines and browsing through the tabloids have been swapped for swiping through Instagram feeds and digital publications. However, the reality is very much contrary to this, with research from NewsWorks showing that printed media reaches 23.1 million people every week.

There is no doubt that online advertising has its place – especially within the news sphere – but in such a cluttered environment whereby a digital advert can make a very fleeting appearance on a page and be considered ‘viewed’, or where multiple contentions surround brand safety, it does not necessarily always provide the required level of engagement or trust.

An advert in print, however, has the unique quality of static placement on a page; it’s a tangible, physical medium, eliminating any doubt over placement or visibility.

Need more convincing? Here are 5 fast facts that demonstrate why print advertising should be included as part of your marketing mix:


Print advertising reaches one in four UK adults every single day – that’s an audience of 13.3 million!


60% of readers claim to consume no other forms of media when engaging with a newspaper.


85% of UK adults agree with the following statement: seeing a brand or product in newsbrands ‘gives me confidence that it’s right for me.’


Studies suggest that adding press to a TV advertising campaign produces a 58% uplift in business effects. Furthermore, the combination of TV and press drives a 72% increase in ‘reason to buy’.


Print newsbrand ads are viewed for 2 ½ times longer than an average digital ad.

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