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5 reasons why brands love digital out-of-home

07 January 2019

Digital out-of-home advertising has evolved into a key component of modern media planning. Propelled by both a reduction in the costs of sites and screens, and the ever-increasing ease with which campaigns can be planned and bought, its move into the mainstream is benefitting start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs alike.

Here’s five reasons why, instead of watching others have all the fun through cracks in the curtains, it’s time to join the party.

Context and immediacy

For brands that do not have bottomless pockets of cash to spend, cost-efficiency is crucial to a successful media strategy. DOOH caters for this need, supplying advertisers with bespoke opportunities to target specific locations, times of the year, hours of the day and weekdays with accountability. Contextually relevant messaging deployed with precision significantly boosts engagement levels: keen to engage city professionals, for example? We can target your ad during lunchtime hours!

Transparency and security

Digital advertising certainly has its place as part of an incisive cross-media strategy, yet concerns around ad blockers, fraud and a general lack of transparency continue to follow it around like a bad smell. That is, except, for one enclave of the digital market: DOOH. With digital out-of-home, your brand is free from spam, fraudulent activity and the spectre of ad skipping. Not only are potential customers unable to avoid you; often, they want to actively engage. Which leads us on nicely to our next point…

DOOH is a point-of-sale

Much like TV, digital-out-home advertising is superseding the bricks and mortar shop window as a point-of-sale. With over 70% of UK adults aged 16+ now in ownership of a smartphone, DOOH campaigns provide an eye-opening portal into a brand’s online universe, with compelling calls-to-action, promotional codes and marketing messages effective in directing consumers to explore your product or service in greater detail. The interconnectivity with mobile marketing positions advertisers to convert sales from anywhere, and at any time.

Agile planning for agile brands

We live in a society that places great emphasis on flexibility. For nimble brands navigating the saturated, choppy waters of the 21st century media landscape, the ability to change course quickly and serenely is crucial. Digital out-of-home facilitates this, with agencies now able to instantly turn around changes to a strategy. This means brands can access new opportunities and deals without breaking a sweat, and optimise plans as live performance insights come in. Ultimately, DOOH’s agility saves advertisers time and money in a climate where both are at a premium.

DOOH is a team player

Finally, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that digital out-of-home serves as a vital cog in the multichannel machine, combining effectively with other medias such as TV and radio to reinforce and amplify key marketing messages. Outdoor Advertising is particularly proficient in reaching lighter television viewers, for example, with young adults and full-time workers just two of the audience groups that suddenly become more accessible.

So, there you have it – five reasons why your brand should put on its best outfit, shed the hesitancy, and enjoy the spoils on offer. To find out how we can help you conquer the digital out-of-home market, give us a call on 0800 357 675, or email us.

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