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3 things your business can do to hit the ground running in 2021

08 December 2020


We’ll wager that, like us, you’re glad to see the back of 2020. Sure, you’ve managed to stay upright amid what has felt like a nine-month spin-dry. And yes, you’ve proven to yourself that no matter the challenge, you’re equal to it.

Yet the urge to kick on this year is irresistible. You’ve been through the mill, reassembled the pieces and evolved.

Here are three things you can do to ensure your business hits the ground running in 2021.

Data, data, data

Data is the elixir of any marketing strategy. It allows you to optimise around the channels and messaging that perform best, whilst identifying audience attributes related to higher engagement rates.

The insights gleaned from this data are invaluable to your business; without them, you are gambling with your money. So, whether you’re working with TV, press, radio or online media, leverage the analytical facts and figures to guide your strategy. Your media agency should always be on hand to mine and interpret performance data.

Invest in your brand

Trust a media agency to come up with this one, right? Yet the fact is, brands that reduce their advertising budgets in times of crisis lose share of voice and market to proactive competitors.

With research from Kantar showing that just 8% of global consumers think brands should stop advertising during a crisis, it’s clear that consumers find relief in the reassurance a confident brand transmits. It sticks in the mind, solidifying into affinity and fame with repeated exposure to powerful messaging that is contextually relevant. Ultimately, by investing in your brand in difficult times, you’re showing everyone you mean business.

Prepare to be flexible

The road ahead will doubtlessly be a tricky one with diversions and potholes littered along the way. Opportunities that wouldn’t ordinarily be available will surface, with supply and demand likely to fluctuate.

Advertisers will therefore need to stay on their toes to snap up these last-minute deals, working with their media agencies to ensure they are always positioned to capitalise on openings in the market, whilst also acting quickly on performance insights and emerging trends.


Focus on these three points and you’ll give your business every possible chance of blasting out of the blocks in 2021. And of course, if you need some support along the way, our experts would love to help. Send us a message, or call us on 0207 833 5008.

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