Cost of TV Advertising

TV Advertising Costs

TV advertising costs less than you may think, with a budget from as little as £5,000 delivering an audience in excess of one million adults for your brand. That’s a lot of potential new business!  Learn how we set about minimising the costs of advertising on TV by calling us on 0800 357 675, or by filling in the form below.

Analysing The Cost Of Your TV Campaign.

Guerillascope employs an analysis-based approach to minimising your cost per lead, response and sale, guaranteeing efficiency as we monitor the performance of every individual TV advertising spot. We leave no stone unturned in our search for cost-effective TV advertising opportunities, assessing campaign effectiveness by day part, channel, audience group, programme and even post code.

Lowest TV Advertising Costs, Guaranteed.

We guarantee to secure the lowest TV advertising costs available on the market. Unlike other agencies, we implement a flexible approach to buying your TV spots, waiting until the best airtime deals become available to ensure that when it comes to delivering value, we always go above and beyond. Don’t believe us? Read what some of our clients say about the UK’s fastest-growing independent TV advertising agency.

TV Channel Costs.

Guerillascope has formulated a guide to every commercial TV channel in the UK, providing access to estimated TV advertising costs, TV viewing figures and typical programming exclusive to each TV channel. Guerillascope’s summaries are a valuable resource for businesses keen on entering the TV advertising market, supplying the uninitiated with a detailed overview of the TV advertising landscape.

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