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    Guerillascope TV Advertising

    Who We Are

    Seen Guerillascope on TV? Watch this short video to learn more about what makes our friendly, proactive and honest team a little different to your typical media planning agency.
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    Guerillascope TV Advertising

    The Power of TV Advertising

    Find out why TV advertising is such a powerful tool for brands in pursuit of scalable growth, and how businesses on tighter budgets can harness its full, transformative impact.

Working differently to make TV advertising budgets work harder

We're Guerillascope, the independent TV planning and buying agency that works a little differently to make budgets work harder for ambitious brands. Our mission is simple: to provide a flexible, proactive and transparent service that supports scalable business growth at reduced TV advertising costs. Whether you're new to advertising on TV or an established presence seeking a fresh and improved strategy, our team of honest and dependable people is fine-tuned to deliver bespoke campaigns that reach the heart of target audience groups, build brand fame and drive response. Zero fuss, minimised risk, lots of happy clients.

Since January 2013 we have advertised more businesses on TV than any other agency in the UK – and now we want to join forces with you! Brands choose us because of our commitment to building trusted, productive relationships. Cut from the same cloth? If so then give us a call on 0800 088 6789 to find out how our media planning can help. Visiting us from across the Irish Sea? Our fantastic team at Guerillascope Ireland would love to hear from you.


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