Why TV Advertising

Why TV Advertising?

TV advertising offers unrivalled support for businesses pursuing accountable, long-term growth. To learn more about the effectiveness of television, give the UK’s fastest-growing independent TV advertising agency a call today on 0800 357 675, or complete our quick and painless TV planning form for a non-obligatory quote. 


Did you know that in one week commercial TV reaches 94% of the UK population? In 2013 the average TV viewer in the UK watched 3 hours 58 minutes of TV a day*, equating to 48 TV ads. Clearly, us Brits are a nation of television enthusiasts, which for TV advertisers means lots of eyes fixing in on the product or service being promoted.


Here’s where we catch people by surprise. Whilst it’s now more expensive to advertise on other media platforms than it was a decade ago, TV advertising costs have remained consistent. At the same time, response rates generated through TV advertising have grown, meaning it’s never been so cost-efficient to advertise on TV. We bring you the response you require, for less.


Maximising response rates whilst improving the efficiency of your TV spots. This is the belief that underpins everything Guerillascope does. We always aim to deliver beyond expectation, which is why we place such importance on securing cost-efficient TV spots that reach your desired audience and only your desired audience. To ensure efficiency is maintained, we conduct continuous campaign optimisation.


TV advertising is wholly accountable, with business owners now able to measure results on a minute-by-minute basis. Guerillascope uses highly sophisticated TV analysis software to gauge response and optimise campaign activity, and what’s more, our clients are granted their own access, ensuring complete transparency and peace of mind from start to finish.


It’s a fact that TV advertising engages consumers more effectively than any other marketing medium. TV generates the largest amount of online and offline word of mouth activity and the most social conversation; it’s a a key catalyst for direct response and brand recognition. Some food for thought: brands that utilise TV advertising as part of a marketing campaign experience on average 69% more online conversions.


We're now firmly in the age of connected TV advertising, with businesses now able to capture incremental audiences through dual-screen campaign strategies. Combining traditional linear TV advertising with on-demand outlets and social media platforms allows marketing content to stretch further, engaging with and resonating amongst demographics sometimes difficult to reach. TV remains the throbbing pulse of any advertising campaign it's used within, but supplementary sources of engagement succeed in boosting both brand visibility and customer interaction.

*Data sourced from Thinkbox and BARB.