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Using TV to Disrupt the Status Quo.

Back in 2019, Tide set out to break the monopoly held over the SME industry by the Big 5banks. The business banking sector had become a closed shop; while there were challenger brands emerging, account holders were still more likely to get a divorce than switch providers. 52% believed traditional banks were more reliable than digital-only options. A shake-up was needed.

Guerillascope suggested running a first ever TV advertising campaign to generate reach, cultivate trust, and create demand; this would supplement the brand’s own in-house OOH and digital activity. So, with Tide in agreement, we got to work on disrupting the status quo.

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  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Grow the brand’s Share of Market.
  • Drive sign-ups.

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Year one

    • We implemented a test and learn strategy to identify which TV channels, programming and day-parts delivered the most web visits and app installs for Tide.
    • Over time, we centred in on contextually relevant environments to spotlight the brand’s USPs, including the Martin Lewis Money Show.

Year two

    • We amped up the strategy with a focus on more inspirational messaging that supported businesses dealing with the pandemic.
    • The brand doubled its budget to capitalise on reduced TV rates and higher viewing figures.
    • Tide was among the top 75 spenders in the country over this period.

Year three

    • We introduced an innovative pulsed approach to managing return of higher TV CPTs.
    • The campaign alternated between weeks of high-reaching, premium ad placements and a focus on smaller channels to maximise frequency and direct response activity.
    • This phasing tactic remains in place today, working cohesively with the brand’s other media activity as part of a multi-channel strategy.

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  • Reached 92% of the UK’s adult population and yielded a 187% increase in prompted brand awareness.
  • The number of Tide members has grown from 90,000 at the start of our partnership, to nearly 450,000 today.
  • The brand’s Share of Voice in the business banking sector now stands at 60%, thanks largely to TV.
  • The SOV has led to an increase in Share of Market from 0.5% to 8%.
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We are immensely proud of the partnership we have with Guerillascope. Their strategy, planning and buying for our long-term use of TV has been instrumental to the growth at Tide over the last 3 years. ​ ​TV is a trusted, reliable and cost effective medium which time and time again has proven its effectiveness at hitting our key objectives - app installs, brand awareness and most importantly customer growth. ​ ​ ​ James Russell-Rands,​ Performance Marketing ​Manager, Offline​