Guerillascope Media Planning

Media planning and buying

We’ve perfected a flexible, individually-tailored media planning and buying service that makes every penny of your budget count.

First, we immerse ourselves in the personality and objectives of your business to pinpoint the best channel combinations. We then develop a strategy that ensures your money is allocated to the right areas, working with trusted partners to secure the best deals and opportunities for your brand on a regional, national and international scale.

Our media planning and buying service is underpinned by an acute awareness of how different channels work as part of a multichannel approach. We boast a proven track-record of delivering targeted cross-media strategies that drive sales and elevate brand profiles cost-effectively. Want to learn more? Get in touch!

TV advertising

TV advertising makes brands famous, creates trust and drives response. With over 300 television channels now available - not to mention regional and addressable platforms - it's never been easier to target specific audience groups with optimised campaign strategies. What's more, TV improves the performance of other medias. 
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Digital advertising

For some, the digital environment can be a foreign, puzzling landscape. Enter Guerillascope. We work closely with our clients, partners and media owners to develop actionable goals, engaging rich media creatives and targeted online advertising strategies with brand safety at their core.
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Outdoor advertising

From billboards to taxis, buses to the Tube, Guerillascope works in partnership with a trusted outdoor planning and buying specialist to deliver agile OOH and DOOH strategies on a regional, national and international scale. Our interactive, behavioural-focused solutions work for any budget. 
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Press advertising

We have a wealth of experience in planning and executing press advertising campaigns that connect your brand with the right audience. Having negotiated the best possible deals across both mainstream and niche print titles throughout our 16-year history, you’re in good hands. 
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