Guerillascope was chosen by Watchfinder, the UK’s leading online retailer of pre-owned luxury watches, to manage the planning and buying of its targeted TV advertising activity in July 2016.

Central to the company’s objectives was an increase in sales at a reduced Cost Per Lead (CPL). Launching its first campaign with Guerillascope in August 2016, by the end of its duration our team had delivered a CPL considerably lower than the target set, whilst driving an increase in leads. To date, with Guerillascope having maintained the CPL originally achieved –  whilst continuing to deliver scalable upsurges in leads – Watchfinder has doubled its spend for the next burst of activity.

Using our sophisticated campaign analysis software to measure performance, we could attribute web traffic and enquiries to TV spots; thus, gaining insights that enabled us to further enhance campaign efficiency by channel, days of the week and time of day. This also allowed the brand’s dedicated account manager to identify the effectiveness of TV spots in live sports for the brand, and optimize subsequent television activity to exploit the benefits of this link.

Further to this, our monitoring of Watchfinder’s continual TV presence demonstrated the significant value of zero-rated, free TV advertising spots: Over 60% of the brand’s airtime was free-of-charge, with 25% of leads delivered by TV coming from these spots.

“Tasked with lowering Watchfinder’s Cost Per Lead whilst generating a significant uplift in enquiries, Guerillascope’s flexible approach and constant optimisation of campaign activity has yielded results that delivered above the targets set. Looking ahead to the future with Guerillascope as a trusted partner, I’m confident in their ability to drive long-term growth for my business.”
Stuart Hennell, MD & Co-founder

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