TV Advertising on National Geographic

Launched in 1998, National Geographic is a British TV channel operated through a partnership between the National Geographic Society and Fox International Channels. Its programming focuses on documentaries centred upon science and nature. It aims to inform a wide and inquisitive audience with shows such as Scam City and Drugs Incorporated.


National Geographic +1


Sky 526
527 +1
Virgin Media 230

The grid below highlights the approximate cost to advertise on National Geographic with rates varying significantly depending on many factors, primarily the size and profile of the viewing audience. The estimated costs for advertising on National Geographic based on buying 1 x 30 second advert and should be used as a guide only. For further information, please give us a call on 020 7352 0555, or visit our TV advertising costs form.

Time slot Example programming Est Cost 30"
Breakfast 0600-0930 Salvage Code Red £10.00
Daytime 0930-1730 Scam City £30.00
Early Peak 1730-2000 Miracle Landing on the Hudson £70.00
Late Peak 2000-2300 Air Crash Investigation £120.00
Night Time 2300-Close Drugs Incorporated £20.00