Track And Review Your TV Spots

Over the past decade our bespoke TV Viewing Figures software has revolutionised the process of campaign analysis – you will not find this service anywhere else!

Our TV Spot Times reports provide accountability by supplying TV advertisers with a comprehensive list of TV viewing figures correlated to every spot. With this unique software at your disposal, it’s never been so quick and easy to measure the exact reach of a specific TV advertising spot.

Having booked your TV spots, we’ll send a complete schedule prior to the launch of your TV advertising campaign, providing you with exact spot times by the second. Our reports offer total transparency throughout your campaign, distinguishing Guerillascope as a TV advertising agency you can trust.

Benefits for TV Advertisers?

  • Results can by derived by advertiser, clock number, or campaign dates, adding flexibility to your campaign analysis.
  • Our clients are granted direct access to the TV Spot Times Tracker with personal login details.
  • Campaign activity can be measured by the advertiser themselves at any time and from anywhere in the world.
  • Our TV Spot Times reports include the day, date, channel, programming, ad length, start and end times, the position in break and, most importantly, the number of TV viewers watching your ad.

Find out more about Guerillascope's TV analysis tools by calling our team on 0800 357 675, or complete our TV planning form to set your TV advertising campaign in motion.