Video On-Demand

There are two ways to watch TV content. The first is to stick to the live TV schedule, otherwise known as linear television. This accounts for the vast majority of viewing hours in the UK and, despite the seemingly constant advent of new digital platforms, it remains the dominant mode of TV consumption. There is, however, another way to watch your favourite TV shows, one that continues to increase in popularity.

Video On-Demand (VoD) allows the TV viewer to access TV content from anywhere and at any time. Tablets, smart phones, desktops, connected TVs and games consoles all fall within the vicinity of VoD, with the UK’s biggest broadcasters all operating platforms that serve the nation’s most popular TV shows independently of the live TV schedule. ITV Player, 4oD, Sky Go, Demand 5, Youtube and Blinkbox provide targeted TV advertising opportunities via VoD.

Benefits for TV advertisers?

  • VoD advertising campaigns can be personalised to target viewers at a socio-demographic, geographical or technological (the device being used) level.
  • Individual broadcasters have invested heavily in interactive formats that boost VoD ad engagement.
  • VoD advertising is an effective driver of response, with clickable, trackable links streamlining the conversion process.
  • TV advertisers can reach VoD viewers anywhere, including contexts such as the daily commute, which encourage purchasing behaviours.
  • VoD functions as an effective supplement to linear TV advertising, providing incremental reach.

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