Guerillascope TV Advertising Agency

Why TV Advertising?

TV advertising is the single-most effective tool available to businesses pursuing greater market shares, brand profiles and sales revenues. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why:

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?


  • Over the course of your average week, 93.8% of the UK’s adult population is reached through commercial TV.
  • In the first half of 2016 the average viewer watched 2 hours 24 minutes of commercial TV a day - equating to 45 TV advertisements and 7 minutes more per day - compared to a decade ago.
  • Commercial TV now accounts for 67.4% of total TV viewing, with TV content now viewable from anywhere and at any time.
  • Live TV accounts for 48% of the average UK adult's daily media consumption.
  • Live TV reaches 88.6% of 16-34 year-olds every week, and represents 48.8% of all daily video consumption within this age group.

WhyGuerillascope's TV Advertising Service?


  • Whilst the costs of advertising via other mediums have been on a steady increase over the last decade, increases in advertising inventory as a result of greater channel choice mean that TV advertising costs are now 30% less expensive.
  • Research from ITV and Thinkbox shows that one view of a TV spot now costs the advertiser just half a penny. Over half of all TV airtime is essentially free as a result of zero-rated inventory, spots that, whilst delivering less than ten thousand viewers, still generate leads.
  • If a viewer fast-forwards through your TV spot, you are not charged a penny.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?


  • Whereas Pay Per Click advertising could now cost you in excess of £30.00 for one click, targeted TV advertising can deliver a cost per lead for as little as £1.50.
  • TV advertising delivers a higher ROI than any other medium, generating £1.79 for every £1 spent on TV.
  • TV continues to pay back long-term, with 50% of attributable profit materialising after the first year of activity.
  • TV accounts for 33% of all media-driven sales in the medium- to short-term (up to 3-months).
  • Approximately 45% of all return profit from TV advertising activity is delivered after the first year of activity.
  • TV campaigns that span a period of time longer than 3 years generate an average profit uplift of 140%



  • TV advertising is wholly accountable, with business owners now able to measure performance on a minute-by-minute basis.
  • Guerillascope uses cutting-edge TV advertising analysis software to gauge response and optimise campaign activity around various criteria. What’s more, our clients are granted their own access, ensuring complete transparency and peace of mind from start to finish.

Why Guerillascope's TV Advertising Service?


  • TV advertising is a key catalyst for both direct response and brand recognition, engaging consumers at a deeper level than any other marketing medium.
  • TV generates 51% of all online and offline word of mouth activity and the most social conversation, with 44% of all media-driven Facebook activity now deriving from TV content.
  • Brands that utilise TV advertising as part of a marketing campaign experience an average 69% uplift in online conversions.
  • 74% of UK adults browse online via other devices whilst watching TV, with ad recall generally unaffected.



  • TV remains the throbbing pulse of any advertising campaign it's used within, but supplementary sources of engagement succeed in boosting both brand visibility and customer interaction.
  • Marketing campaigns that utilise TV are six times as efficient compared to those that do not.
  • TV drives 17% of paid search, 15% of response from display advertising, 14% of affiliate referrals and 13% of direct web visits.
  • Brands that utilise TV as part of their marketing strategy experience an average uplift in branded search of 33%.

*Statistics sourced from Thinkbox and BARB.