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One of the pillars of traditional media, print advertising has stood up defiantly to the new media revolution and evolved with a changing landscape. It offers brands a raft of opportunities to target mass audiences and niche groups.

Two worlds collide

Whilst millions of people still read and enjoy physical copies of newspapers and magazines every day, the rise of digital has seen a large majority of publishers widen their coverage by developing online platforms. For print advertisers, this has created an opportunity to maximise reach across multiple media channels as part of a seamless, holistic marketing strategy.

Guerillascope’s relationships with trusted media partners mean that our clients have access to the best deals, opportunities and strategic thinking. We ensure that, whether on paper or screen, your ad is positioned within contextually relevant content that engages audiences.

Negotiating the print landscape

From national broadsheets and tabloids to local newspapers and niche-interest magazines, our collaborative approach and close ties with print specialists allow us to negotiate the very best rates, whilst being flexible with the packages we tailor to your bespoke needs.

Let's get planning!

So, why include print advertising as part of your cross-media strategy?

Press advertisingAdvertising in the press cultivates consumer trust. According to a survey from How People Buy 2015, 85% of respondents agreed that seeing a brand or product advertised in their newsbrand “gives me more confidence that it’s right for me".

Press advertising reachThe coverage available to advertisers through press advertising is vast. Newsbrands reach 90% of shoppers every month. Crucially, they also reach 95% of ABC1 adults and 97% of 18-34s via mobile devices - two audiences typically regarded as the hardest to engage through traditional TV advertising.

TV and press advertisingStudies by Millward Brown suggest that adding press to a TV advertising campaign produces a 58% uplift in business effects. Furthermore, the combination of TV and press drives a 72% increase in ‘reason to buy’.

Why Press AdvertisingPrint campaigns can be booked as late as the day prior to launch, with the production of ads also requiring little time as a result of less regulations. Need help with your creatives? We've got that covered, too.

Why Print Advertising?60% of newsreaders surveyed as part of research by Newsbrands say they do not consume any other media when reading a newspaper. In an age where our brains are constantly being pulled in multiple directions, the opportunity to command a potential customer's full undivided attention is a valuable commodity.

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