Guerillascope hits 50 new business wins once again

A habit can be a terrible thing. There are some supremely irksome ones out there; biting my nails with the viciousness of a Hyena tucking in to its latest catch is chief among mine. Holding up an entire street of commuters because you’re incapable of taking your eyes away from your smartphone and walking at a normal, human pace? You deserve every tut and sigh you get.

Yet, some habits are lovely, aren’t they? Strutting into a room like some kind of charismatic don and immediately holding everybody’s attention; waking up early every morning and being ready to tackle the day without the grizzly bear impressions; saying your Ps and Qs. If you have any of these traits, you’re due a big pat on the back.

For us, reaching 50 new business wins yet again in a calendar year is a habit we’re very proud of. So far in 2017 we’ve had the pleasure of planning and executing media strategies for a raft of great brands, including Amigo Loans, Lycamobile, Financial Times, Calypso, Diesel and Travel Up. We’ve delivered on plans that span TV, out-of-home, the press, radio and online; incisive campaigns that have successfully cut through the noise of competitive markets to deliver the success our clients crave.

Most important to us, however, is the fact that everybody we have worked with this year have been great people: business owners, marketing managers and entrepreneurs who share our ethos of thinking outside the box; of taking a calculated risk, and always moving forward.

We’ve been heavily involved in some seriously exciting sectors; from the thriving FinTech scene, to FMCG and travel. We feel at home with companies who are disrupting their markets, and such companies clearly feel comfortable with us. Many have been new to advertising on TV; to promoting their brand with targeted digital out-of-home strategies; to amplifying their marketing messages with contextually relevant press adverts. Yet they’ve embraced these new terrains, built new foundations, and profited from landscapes ripe for harvest.

It’s a really exciting time to be a part of this growing team, and the year’s not over yet! We have some fantastic newcomers to the Guerillascope family readying new multimedia campaigns, and an equally exciting project in the works that will revolutionise the TV advertising market for smaller businesses on tighter budgets.

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