Burrow takes a giant leap with new TV campaign

Nick the kangaroo is super chilled about his mortgage application, and he wants you to know why. Cue the debut TV advertising campaign from Burrow, the online mortgage broker.

The campaign, planned and bought by Guerillascope, is currently airing across a channel selection that includes More4, Home, Lifetime, Eden and the Discovery network. The targeted strategy has been carefully coordinated to drive requests for a free mortgage report, whilst raising awareness of the brand as it seeks to build on a hugely successful first 10 months.

Harnessing state-of-the-art technology, Burrow replaces the old hassle of applying for a mortgage with a digital service built on convenience and personalization.

It all starts with a free, no-obligation mortgage report, ready within just 10 minutes of submitting your details. Next, a Burrow expert will call at a time that suits you, after which you will be asked to upload your documents into your own secure vault. Burrow then looks after your application from start to finish, with regular updates keeping you firmly in the loop. No surprises. No drama. No sweat.

Commenting on the launch, Bradley Fehler, Head of Growth at Burrow, said: "Only 10 months into launching our online mortgage broker, we knew running our first TV ad would be a challenge. Guerillascope helped us solidify our objectives, identify opportunities to help us achieve them, and expertly guided us through the process."

So, why endure the frustration of paper-based, offline mortgage applications? Burrow offers a digital solution for a digitalised population, making one of life’s most important purchases faster, safer and more affordable than ever before.