BVCA Summit 2017: celebrating the revolutionaries

Guerillascope will be attending the BVCA Summit 2017 on October 12th, the unmissable Private Equity and Venture Capital event of the year. See you there?

Our team will join 850 global investors, business leaders, regulators and policy makers to discover how revolutionary companies are shaping a changing industry in a changing world. 100 years after the Russian Revolution, we, alongside our fellow BVCA members, stand at the vanguard of a new uprising: one that has the capacity to transform our economy and society for the better.

This is a source of much pride and excitement for Guerillascope. It’s a chance to meet likeminded individuals and businesses, learn from them, and open eyes to the cost-effective, brand-building power of multichannel media strategies. With over 80 speakers confirmed and an abundance of networking opportunities, it’s an education that everybody in attendance will benefit greatly from.

It’s also an occasion to celebrate the importance of – and work done within – the private equity and venture capital industry. Now a key advisory body for government and policy makers both domestic and overseas, the BVCA sits at the heart of a sector world-renowned for its economic influence.

So, what can we offer? In short, we want to connect with business leaders and venture capitalists, assist them in scaling up their investments, and drive profits. This is a new world teeming with ambition, ideas and collaboration: it’s an environment we feel supremely comfortable being a part of, and one we cannot wait to explore further.

Our targeted, flexible and performance-led media planning delivers measurable ROI. Equipped with over 15-years of experience in starting and growing businesses ourselves, we understand the importance of crafting a strategy that engages the right audience, at the right times, and at the right touchpoints. This is reflected in our track record of adding an average of 15-30% to the value of client campaigns.

As a known trailblazer within our own industry – the latest example being that we’ve become the first media agency to accept payment in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Electroneum and Ethereum – our delegates will be bringing the company’s passion for innovation into an arena defined by it. We can’t wait to tell our story, and listen to those shared by kindred spirits.

Commenting on the BVCA Summit, Alexa Buckler, brand director at Guerillascope, said: “We’re hugely proud to be a member of the BVCA, and are looking forward to the upcoming summit. We believe that in order to deliver a truly effective media strategy, it’s crucial to get under the skin of your client and immerse yourself in its motivations, values and aspirations." 

"We plan on using this fantastic event to not only learn more about the VC ecosystem, but also the people and companies that make it such a thriving scene. And the most exciting thing? There’s still so much untapped potential. It’s in this area that we believe we can be of considerable value.”