3 ways we can ensure your TV advertising budget goes further

Guerillascope’s reputation for making TV advertising budgets work harder has been forged in our ability and willingness to think differently about how the medium can best serve the distinct needs of every single client.

We don’t subscribe to the old way of inflexible planning, rigid share deals and, frankly, neglectful post-launch campaign management. TV advertising isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for achieving business growth. Instead, it’s an ongoing process of testing, learning and building a strategy that answers the specifics of each individual brief.

To us, wasted pennies mean we’re not doing our job properly; here’s 3 ways we ensure you extract maximum value from your budget, whatever your level of spend…

1.    Focus and scale

When first starting out on TV, brands often want to dip their toe in the water before wading in full. This is a logical approach, especially for businesses operating on smaller budgets.

Focusing your strategy on one geographical region, time of day or audience group is a great way of heightening the cost-effectiveness of your TV advertising campaign. It also provides both the advertiser and agency with opportunities to trial different strategies, and optimise airtime based on the results. We specialise in working nimbly to action campaign amendments quickly and efficiently, therefore ensuring you’re never left waiting for things to happen. Time is money, after all.

2.    Look at low-cost options

Another way of getting the most out of your spend is by concentrating your efforts on non-premium opportunities. For example, advertising during the daytime hours (09:00-17:30) will cost you less than prime time spots (17:30-23:00), as will the use of 10-second creatives instead of the standard 30-second.

Certain times of year are also less expensive to advertise during than others: December and January typically generate less demand than September, October and November, for example, even though both months deliver some of the highest viewing figures in a calendar year.

By exploring such options, businesses are able to benefit from the lead generating, brand building power of TV whilst avoiding premium rates – the fact we’re experts in negotiating the best prices obviously helps, too!

3.    Consider TV sponsorship

You may think that TV sponsorship is a strange recommendation to make in the context of saving on costs, but when comparing the level of coverage received through a sponsorship package compared to TV spot advertising of equivalent value, the brand impact can be far greater.

Sponsorship doesn’t stop at programming, either. Brands can now buy cost-effective packages around day-parts, programming genres, a programme series or entire channels. This provides advertisers with a varied range of opportunities to forge associations with popular content, which in turn drive consumer trust, brand credibility and a sense of scale. Competitions and promotions offer further avenues to increase audience engagement and heighten brand visibility.

These are just three of the ways brand and agency can work together to maximize return on investment. However, what links each one is the need for an ongoing process of results-driven campaign optimisation; in an age where businesses are required to be agile and fluid in how they operate, the onus too is on media planners to follow suit.

Independent agencies such as Guerillascope are finely-tuned to deliver such a service: together, we can ensure that your budget is utilised to its absolute fullest.