Introducing Guerillascope’s new Commercial Director

I’m delighted to have joined the ranks here at Guerillascope HQ, as I truly believe that we can offer something different to other media agencies.

During my time as a successful business owner I have gained experience in many areas: from how to start a company from scratch on a modest budget, to tax planning, accountancy, corporate governance, board meetings, financial reporting, attracting investment, growth strategy and growth management, recruitment, HR, business exit strategies and all manner of legal issues a business may face.

I sold all my companies after deciding I loved working with media and Guerillascope in particular, from whom I bought media for over 10 years. Joining Guerillascope feels like we are completing a jigsaw puzzle; I am so proud to be working alongside such a talented and driven team.

Within my new role as commercial director, a key thread of focus will be the provision of free, impartial and objective support for brands readying the launch of a new TV advertising campaign. Channelling my 15-years of experience, I aim to reduce costs, de-risk the process, and prepare our clients for what are often transformational post-launch business effects.

This last objective is one often overlooked by media agencies; in fact, even clients themselves may not be equipped to deal with the sudden influx of traffic, leads and sales that TV delivers. I’m here to ensure great brands do not struggle with altitude sickness.

Another source of great excitement for me is our campaign tracking software, which correlates sales, web traffic and response with your TV spots. Armed with this tool, we are able to monitor and report on TV activity in real time. It removes all element of doubt and all guesswork, delivering cold hard insights on which ad creative is working best, on which channels, and on which days of the week. With this, we can optimise performance with unrivalled flexibility and speed.

I find this tech tremendously powerful as it allows us to be proactive for our clients, rather than reactive. In my own companies we were able to extract greater value for the same media budgets by leveraging the power of this software – and I am very keen to get all of our clients using it to their advantage.

So, why TV? Are we not witnessing its death rattle, after all? Indeed, I’m sure you’ve seen various misconceptions bandied about: ‘TV is too expensive’, ‘nobody watches television anymore’. Well, our mission at Guerillascope is to debunk these myths, and demonstrate the power of TV for brands with budgets big and small.

Ultimately, I want Guerillascope to be the most open, honest, transparent and hardest-working agency out there. I want to look all of our of clients in the eye years from when they launched, and know I have nothing to feel bad about; that they are being treated exactly as I would wish to. I want to see their business thrive.

It’s a simple core belief, but one I think all reasonable business owners value.

Craig Lowther